Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2
How to use XP glitch map in Chapter 4 Season 2 (Image via Epic Games)

Earning XP can be a tedious job while playing Fortnite. However, there are different ways how players can farm it. The community always looks forward to finding new methods to gain more XP in the game so they can progress through the Battle Pass and unlock cool cosmetics.

Among such methods, one was found by a notable player in the community and this guide will show you how to go about it. However, it should be kept in mind that doing this is risky as the developers can ban your account if caught.

Fortnite glitch map grants up to 200,000 XP in Chapter 4 Season 2

A new XP glitch has been discovered by GKI, a well-known individual in the Fortnite community. By using his created glitch map, you can earn 200,000 XP in under half an hour.

Steps to follow to get XP:

Step 1: Enter a private map by entering the code: 0477-7793-3596 in the Island Code section in the Games Modes menu. Enter the map by joining with private visibility and not public.

Step 2: After spawning on the map, click on the Start Game button and go to the hub, where you’ll find different vending machines. Then, look for a green button in green labeled XP Shop and interact with it. You’ll be sent to a new area, where you need to look for the button that says AFK XP and interact with it.

Step 3: After gaining a lot of Fortnite XP in the room, go back to the Arena by finding the button dedicated to it. Also, here you’ll be doing the compulsory action to gain the XP on your account.

Step 4: On returning to the hub, go through the purple barrier and enter a 1v1 arena in Fortnite creative. After entering, look for a yellow hologram containing a musical note and follow the direction. Sneak behind the yellow hologram, and find a secret button by looking at the bottom corner.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2
Press any of the two buttons (Image via GKI)

Step 5: After pressing the button, a timer will start, and you need to wait for it to end. Once the duration is over, press any of the two buttons to return to the 1v1 arena to get more XP. Upon returning, proceed to the next area and press the new button to start farming XP at a faster rate.

Step 6: Keep exploring the island to get XP at a steady rate of approximately 200,000 XP every 30 minutes.

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