TikTok: How much does 1 coin cost in 2023? | TikTok Live Gifts Explained

TikTok is becoming the internet’s one-stop shop for various reasons. Here, you can either want to be entertained or become the entertainment. Either way, whichever path you would take would either cost you money or bring in a lot of cash to your bank. If you’re in it to make money, then you may opt-in as a TikTok Live streamer. Recently, lots of TikToker have chosen this career as their cash cow. You can, however, ridicule yourself on TikTok live in exchange for live gifts (which viewers can purchase through coins in exchange for real money). To further guide you in this latest trend, let’s find out how much 1 TikTok coin costs and everything about TikTok live and the gifts connected to it.

Did you know you can earn money on TikTok Live?

If you are 18 years old, have at least 1000 followers, and your TikTok account is eligible to go live, then you might want to try monetizing your TikTok through live streams. Through TikTok Live, as a content creator, you can interact with your friends, fans, and followers and allow them to react and show their appreciation through Live Gifts. Your viewers can quickly send you these gifts and turn them into literal gold afterward.

A lot of TikTokers have already adopted this scheme to make tons and tons of money. One TikToker went viral after her ridiculous TikTok live as she continuously receives various digital gifts. Little do we know, she’s already making thousands of dollars behind the scene. She may look funny and weird, but isn’t that great hustle? Just as the saying goes, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

How much does 1 coin cost right now?

Users must purchase coins with real money before they may be able to spend a hefty amount purchasing any gift they want to give to a TikTok live streamer. First, here is a step-by-step process on how you can buy coins on TikTok.

  • To do this, launch the app and select Profile from the bottom menu.
  • Navigate to the upper right side, click Settings and Privacy. From there, select Balance. It redirects you to the coin bundles after clicking Recharge.
  • Beginning at $0.99, the least expensive bundle goes up to $249.99 for the most expensive. The cost of one coin on the app is the same, roughly 1.4 cents each, regardless of the bundle picked. If you wish, you can also customize other coin amounts. Moreover, you may find that coins have different prices on the app and on the web. When you log in to your TikTok account on the web browser, you’re going to discover that coins are actually cheaper there.

TikTok coins price on the App:

Coin Bundle Bundle Price Price per Coin
5 $0.07 1.4000 ¢
70 $0.99 1.4143 ¢
350 $4.99 1.4257 ¢
700 $9.99 1.4271 ¢
1,400 $19.99 1.4279 ¢
3,500 $49.99 1.4283 ¢
7,000 $99.99 1.4284 ¢
17,500 $249.99 1.4285 ¢

TikTok coins price on the web:

Coin Bundle Bundle Price Price per Coin
70 $0.74 1.0571 ¢
350 $3.70 1.0571 ¢
700 $7.40 1.0571 ¢
1,400 $14.80 1.0571 ¢
3,500 $37 1.0571 ¢
7,000 $74 1.0571 ¢
17,500 $185 1.0571 ¢

TikTok gifts: From cheapest to most expensive gift

Live Gifts can be as cheap as 1 coin (1.4 cents as per the latest pricing) and can go to as expensive as 34,999 coins, which is equivalent to almost $490. The most common gifts a live streamer can be awarded are the cheapest ones, the Ice Cream cone, and the GG sign. Meanwhile, those fans who would go for the extreme would literally give The Universe (at least as a digital gift) to their favorite TikToker.

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