Venti instructs you to travel to Liyue and connect with the Geo Archon during the Rite of Descension in order to discover more about your brother or sister. The leader of the rock emerges from the sky to meet the Liyuan during this ceremony, which occurs ONCE A YEAR.

Whose body descended from the sky?

The ritual did not go according to plan, and Archon Geo’s lifeless body fell from the sky. Ningguang orders the guards to control the exits and locate the perpetrator.

Which of the eleven Fatui helps you escape?

You plan to leave because of a sensed suspicion. Tartaglia, one of the eleven Fatui, accompanies you on your journey. He gives you a permission talisman so that you could meet with his disciples and ask for their forgiveness.

When you see Tartaglia again, you find out that the seven stars have hidden the exuvia, the body of the archon, and that no one can see it.

Where is the archon’s body?

Tartaglia persuades you to meet Zhongli, who works at Wangsheng Funeral Home, and to assist her. You will be able to gain access to the Geo Archon’s body by assisting him in his preparations for the sendoff ritual.

Zhongli discloses to you that the archon’s body is in the Golden Chamber, which is where the Teyat blackberries are minted.

Paimon unknowingly exposes this position to Fatui, who was paying close attention at the gates.

Where does Ganyu ask you to accompany her?

Zhongli asks you to a drink after the arrangements are completed. Ganyu asks you to be Ningguang’s emissary and to accompany her in the Jade Chamber.

Where do I find the 3 secretaries?

You’ll stop by the Jade Chamber during the mission. You’ll be instructed to the location marked on the document after looking at the table. Talk to the three assistants in Ningguang, who will give you a small present. Select the answers stated below:

  • About Ningguang….
  • Hmm.. Everything is as you want?
  • Indeed

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