How To Be An Actor / Movie Star in BitLife

BitLife has been witnessing a lot of popularity lately amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Here is how you can become an Actor / Actress / Movie Star in BitLife!

Good Looks (95+) Smart (95+) No Educational Req Voice Acting Job

Good Looks

  • The importance of statistics is undeniable. Begin with a “good-looking” character if you desire to be an Actor.
  • Look up your character’s appearance stats right after you begin a fresh life. Confirm that it is at least 85 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.


  • In this case, the character’s educational background is irrelevant. However, we advise that you pursue one of the following options: Arts, Dance, Political Science, or Music.

Acting Jobs

  • You must qualify for the position of Voiceover. You will be hired immediately if you have good looks or smart stats plus happiness. If not, make sure you get them to at least 85 before applying for the Voiceover job.
  • Make sure to wait or “age” if the Voiceover listing is not available. It will eventually appear.

Maintain your good looks!

  • Always visit the gym.
  • Meditate.
  • Go to the doctor as soon as you contract an illness.
  • Don’t be in a fight!
  • Don’t “work hard” each year, so your character can rest.

Be A Movie Star

  • Firstly, be famous! Start your social media as soon as you can. Gain as many followers and you might become “Famous” as early as 16.

  • After your Voiceover Actor job, keep applying for a promotion until you eventually get offered “Movie Star”.

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