How to Beat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion | Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

How to Beat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

The Divine Beast Dancing Lion in Shadow of the Erdtree is no joke, but we have some tips on how to tame this beast and claim your victory.


Found in the large open area north of the Minor Erdtree. It is initially asleep but will awaken and attack once you get close enough.

Phases and Attacks

The Dancing Lion has three phases, each with its own set of moves and weaknesses:

  • Phase 1: Physical

    • Your primary defence in this phase is to dodge and roll. Timing is everything, so practice makes perfect.
    • After the Lion concludes an attack, it often takes a moment to compose itself. Use this window to land your strikes.
    • The rear of the Lion is particularly vulnerable. Focus your attacks there for maximum damage.
  • Phase 2: Elemental

    • Things get spicy when the Lion starts infusing its attacks with wind, lightning, or frost. Pay attention to its movements to figure out which element is coming your way and dodge accordingly.  Stay close enough to monitor the elements but keep enough distance to react quickly.
    • Wind Attacks: Roll into these attacks to minimize damage.
    • Lightning Attacks: Roll away from these attacks to avoid getting zapped.
    • Frost Attacks: Maintain a safe distance and roll as necessary.

Divine Beast Dancing Lion Elemental Attack Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

  • Phase 3: Ninja

    • The Lion goes full-on elemental ninja, switching between elements like crazy.
    • Staying close to the Lion can actually make its attacks more predictable. This allows you better reaction times.
    • Though the Lion switches elements quickly, each has a slight tell-tale sign. Learn to read these signs.
    • Keep moving to avoid getting hit. Standing still is a recipe for disaster in this phase.

Strategies for Victory

  1. Use powerful Spirit Ashes to distract the Divine Beast Dancing Lion and deal some extra damage. Lhutel the Headless is your MVP here, with her ranged attacks and fancy footwork.
  2. The Lion’s rear is its weak spot. Focus your attacks there to maximize damage and make it cry like a kitten.
  3. If you’ve got weapons or spells that inflict Bleed or Frostbite, now’s the time to use them. They’ll chip away at the Lion’s health over time, especially during the physical attack phase.
  4. Dodging is key, so manage your stamina wisely. If you’re running low, back off and give yourself a breather. If dodging isn’t your strong suit, use a shield to block attacks during the physical phase. Just be mindful of your stamina, or you’ll be a sitting duck.
  5. This boss ain’t gonna roll over and play dead. It’s a tough fight, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t win right away. Learn from your mistakes, adapt your strategy, and keep at it.

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