How to escape every prison in BitLife and score Houdini, Jailbird Ribbons


The trick of breaking out of prisons

If you think life-sims are a piece of cake, you are dead wrong. Life is hard and so is BitLife. But remember, everything can be cracked in video games. Every AI has a pattern and that pattern can be memorised and thus fooled.

In BitLife, breaking out of a prison might seem tough, but it is certainly doable. One has simply to observe. For every player move, the guards move twice. Though initially he will move horizontally, he will always move towards you. So the trick is to try and block him in the walls of the prison since the AI only moves horizontally first regardless of the direction you move. So if you manage to corner him in a wall above, he will be stuck there.

Scoring ribbons 

There are essentially two ribbons in BitLife, the Jailbird and the Houdini. To get the Jailbird ribbon you have to enter and exit the prison for more than three to four times and then remain there for some time until you receive it.

For the Houdini ribbon, all you have to do is to land it prison as many times as you want and escape as fast as you can. If you are able to level yourself up without doing too much, till you turn 60 years of age, you will get it.

Tip: Try to be as bad as you can. Commit crimes: murders, burglary, pickpocketing, GTA, whatever you want, although robbery is your first bet. That should help you get to jail fast.

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