How To Get Barbara For Free – Genshin Impact

Numerous Genshin Impact protagonists can only be obtained through good fortune with Wishes, but after this article, gamers can have Barbara for free!

In most cases, gamers will depend heavily on luck and grinding to grow their selection. Primogems are an asset that players collect while playing the game. These can then be exchanged for Wishes as a component of the gacha system that will randomly drop items or characters.

Drops have the potential to disappoint because the rating ranges from 3 to 5. Repeated or undesired materials and characters, on the other hand, can be used to purchase more Wishes by converting them into currency. For some, the simplest way to earn Primogems is to exchange a Genesis Crystal purchased with actual cash.

How to Get Barbara for Free

  • Gamers must reach Adventure Rank 20 in order to obtain Barbara. Don’t worry, despite the arduous nature of the journey, there are plenty of enjoyable ways to get there quickly!
  • A 4-star Barbara would become obtainable for gamers to add to their squad once they reach AR 20. Although not being a 5-star character may appear to be a drawback at first, Barbara is extremely adaptable in terms of compositions and gameplay.

The catch…

Thankfully, anyone seeking Barbara can evade the gacha trap for a limited period. Fans will be surprised to learn that they can pick her up for free.

There is, however, one snag that gamers must be aware of. The Genshin Impact profile must be created before the 28th of September 2020, in order to continue with this method.

Even if a fan doesn’t fit that description, there’s still hope. This alternative is also applicable to those who registered prior to patch 1.1. Some gamers still have a chance because the update was released on the 11th of November.

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