How to get cake in Palworld

How to get cake in Palworld

Ah, cake. The universal symbol of celebration, indulgence, and, in the peculiar world of Palworld, a crucial tool for keeping your furry (or feathery, perhaps scaly) companions happy and productive.


  1. Level: You need at least Level 17 to unlock the ability to craft a Cooking Pot.
  2. Materials: You’ll need the following materials to build the Cooking Pot:
    • 20 Wood
    • 15 Ingots
    • 3 Flame Organs (obtained by defeating fire-type Pals)


  1. Unlock the Cooking Pot: Go to the Technology Menu and find the Cooking Pot under the Crafting tab. Use your Technology Points to unlock it.
  2. Build the Cooking Pot: Head to your base and select the Build option once unlocked. Choose the Cooking Pot from the list and place it in your desired location.
  3. Assign a Pal: Select the Cooking Pot and the Work Suitability option. Assign a Pal with the Kindling ability to operate the pot.
  4. Gather ingredients: You’ll need the following ingredients to make one cake:
Flour (5) Milk (7) Eggs (8)
Honey (2) Red Berries (8)

Start cooking: With the Pal assigned and ingredients gathered, interact with the Cooking Pot and select the Cake recipe. The cooking process will take some time, so be patient.

Additional notes:

  • Cake is primarily used for breeding Pals. You’ll need one cake per egg to encourage breeding.
  • Cake can also help increase your Pals’ sanity. If they’re overworked, providing cake can help restore their mental well-being.
  • Some online resources suggest ways to optimize cake production, such as using Pals with specific skills to speed up the process. However, these methods may not be officially intended mechanics and could be subject to change in future updates.

Obtaining cake in Palworld involves reaching a specific level, gathering resources, and cooking the recipe. You can provide your Pals with this valuable food item by following these steps.

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