In Valheim, gamers can obtain entrails as a droppable product. Like all other raw materials, entrails could be used to make nutrition items like Sausages, which can encourage players to boost their HP and stamina. Sausages are one of Valheim’s best foods, but they can be difficult to come by in large quantities. One of the simplest manner to guarantee long-term survival in Valheim is to collect high-level food items!

Where To Get Entrails

  • Entrails are a mob item encountered in the Swamp biome after destroying Draugr and Draugr Elite. You can store up to 50x utilize them to make Sausage and is one of the improved meal items accessible to players in mid-game.
  • In the Swamp biome, Draugrs are a common foe. They have the appearance of ghostly knights and can be observed wandering the Swamp’s corners and also in the wet regions.

  • The only problem with Draugrs is that you have to constantly contend with Blobs and other adversaries swarming you and causing chaos. Fortunately, these are usually avoidable, but we suggest carrying a decent shield to ease up any onrushing harm.

Entrails = Sausages

Return to your hut and set up a Cauldron once you’ve successfully harvested a good number of Entrails. After that, you can make Sausages by combining the mentioned components:

  • 1x Raw Meat
  • 2x Entrails
  • 4x Thistle

Sausages are great because they give you an extra 60 peak HP and 40 max stamina. This is one of the principal factors we advise attaining them sooner. They also have a 1600-second lifespan and recover 3 HP per tick.

When mixed with other foods such as Serpent Stew, Sausages can enable you to reach the high 100s for HP, enabling you to take more harm before needing to heal!

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