Pokemon Go

Magnezone is an electric and steel Pokemon that you can find lurking in Pokemon Go. With the game’s autumn event underway, there’s a lot of things to look forward to in Pokemon Go, and catching Magnezone seems to be one of them.

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How To Get Magnezone In Pokemon Go?

There are two ways players can catch Magnezone in Pokemon Go. They can either collect enough Magnemite Candies and hence hit evolve to get Magnezone ( Gen 4) from Magneton( Gen1). Or the easy way out is to buy a special item called Magnetic Lure Modules.

Players can buy Magnetic Lure Modules from the Pokemon Go store for 200 coins and then use it at the Pokeshop ( which doesn’t have a different Lure active there) while standing within the range of the lure to evolve their Magnezone.