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If you are an avid Minecraft player, you might be well aware of how annoying it is when some items lose their durability. That’s where mending comes into play. Mending helps you in restoring the durability of the item. Any item which has the mending enhancement will automatically restore its durability when you pick up experience orbs from any source.

To apply the mending enhancement on any item in Minecraft, you need to have Mending Books. Mending Books are one of the rarer items in the game and it is quite difficult to get your hands on one. Mending books are found by looting treasure chests found in various parts of the game’s world, or while fishing. You have a chance of getting a Mending Book while fishing but unless the stars are on your side, it is quite difficult to get it via this method.

The second way to get Mending Books is by trading one from the Librarian in your village. If you don’t have a librarian around, you can force one of your villagers to turn into one. You need to craft a lectern and give it to one of the villagers to make him a librarian. Once he becomes a librarian, you can trade with him and get Mending Books in return. If he doesn’t have Mending Books, you can take back the lecturn and try turning another villagers into a librarian.


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