Frostbearer Catalyst is a four-star weapon with a base attack of 42 and ATK of 9%. It’s a powerful weapon, so it’ll be well worth your time! This guide will teach you how to get it.

Frostbearer Catalyst

When you strike an opponent with normal or charged attacks, your character has a 60% opportunity of establishing and dropping an everfrost icicle above them. These cyro-affected enemies take 200 percent more damage from attacks.

According to gamers, this is the best-looking catalyst. The weapon has a gleaming red mineral in the center, which is reminiscent of Scarlet Quarts. However, it is not widely used. The chief factor for this is that there are no cyro catalyst protagonists. The primary source of damage will be the 200 percent cyro attack damage, and whoever uses this weapon will also need a cyro character on their team.

How to get

  • Unlike many other weapons, Frostbearer Catalyst is not only available through Wishes. Getting your hands on this weapon, however, maybe even more difficult.
  • Forging is required to obtain Frostbearer Catalyst. By reaching level 10 at the Frost Bearing Tree, you can obtain a blueprint for this.
Northlander Catalyst Billet Starsilver Crystal Chunk (50x)

No catalyst characters?

Forstbearer Catalyst would be an excellent option for a cyro catalyst character. Sadly, there aren’t any right now. However, these characters may use the weapon and take advantage of its potential.

Klee Mona Ningguang

We must all realize that the item’s real power will not be recognized until the release of a cyro catalyst protagonist. We’ll have to wait even longer for an unveiling from miHoYo because none of the up-and-coming characters are cyro.

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