TikTok Verified Steps

The verified logo beside your name on any social media platform indicates that it is an official account. This is also the way social media platforms let people know the real accounts, especially for celebrities and more. As there are a lot of fake and dummy accounts spreading misinformation on the platforms.

Moreover, the users on TikTok keep on growing by the day to the point that people could differentiate who’s real and not. There are instances where people encounter a video from a name of a personality that is not verified. Which confuses some of the users on the platform.

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok does not need you to file for a formal application. It just follows to give a blue check if you are qualified with these following steps we are going to show you. So if you are looking for a way to get your account on TikTok verified, then we got you covered!

Steps on how to get your account verified on TikTok

Build your brand
  • In creating your TikTok account, you must build your brand. Making a brand for your account makes the users remember you and your content. The brand you are going to establish can vary for A LOT of things.
  • Your brand could be for true crime, comedy skits, ASMR, cooking, dancing, and more. It could be anything that interests you to do in creating content videos. This is as long as you are consistent with it too.

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Go get viral and have media exposure
  • There is no guarantee in what kind of videos gets viral since it just happens. However, most viral videos going on TikTok are unique, trendy, and funny. That is usually what attracts people to the platform.
  • Once you get a viral video. It usually gets into different media outlets and has an article about it. Appearing in media outlets gives additional authenticity to your account. As it also attracts more people since it makes you a legit account.

Make sure to complete filling up the settings and privacy
  • You have to complete all the needed details on your TikTok account. It gives you more authentication as well. You also have to make sure that the security of your account to make safe from hackers or other things.
  • Follow all the Community Guidelines on TikTok. So to know more about it, you click and read here.
  • In addition, you must also have other social media accounts. This is for the people to know you even more.
TikTok Privacy Settings
Image Courtesy of TikTok

That ends our step-by-step guide. After qualifying all the steps, all you have to do is wait until TikTok verifies your account. It could take a while since there are a lot of personalities on TikTok that still have no verified mark even if they fit into the steps. So good luck with it!

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. In the comments below, let us know your thoughts about the steps to being verified on TikTok. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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