In Valheim, stamina is crucial, and it will determine whether you live or die. When your stamina gauge is full, you’ll be ready to execute plenty of movements. Low stamina will render your Viking incapable of performing even the most simple tasks. If you wish to improve your stamina but aren’t sure how here’s what you should know!

Increasing Your Stamina

You must devour potions, food, and mead to boost stamina (endurance). Every item has a varying impact! Recognizing which items provide the most stamina will allow you to quickly return to your previous task. Below are the finest goods to intake to greatly benefit you in Valheim quickly. Whether you’re fighting or fleeing from an assailant!


  • Cooked Serpent Meat
      • Max HP: 70
      • Max Stamina: 40
    • Regen: +3 hp / tick for 2000s
  • Sausages
      • Max HP: 60
      • Max Stamina: 40
    • Regen: +3 hp / tick for 1600s
  • Cooked Meat
      • Max HP: 40
      • Max Stamina: 30
    • Regen: +2 hp / tick for 1200s
  • Cooked Fish
      • Max HP: 45
      • Max Stamina: 25
    • Regen: +2 hp / tick for 1200s
  • Grilled Neck Tail
      • Max HP: 35
      • Max Stamina: 20
    • Regen: +2 hp / tick for 1000s
  • Queens Jam
      • Max HP: 30
      • Max Stamina: 40
    • Regen: +2 hp / tick for 1200s


  • Medium Stamina Mead
      • Regen: +160 Stamina for 120s
    • Increases Stamina Recovery
  • Tasty Mead
      • -50% HP Regen (10s)
    • +300% Stamina Regen (10s)

Eating the aforementioned foods will not only allow you to maintain your energy levels but will also actually assist you to boost them when you need them the most. Stay on top of the Stamina bar at all times because it will assist you in getting out of tricky spots and performing more actions.

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