How to Make a Lead in Minecraft

A Minecraft lead grants you the power to safely transport those passive creatures, preventing them from wandering off while adding a charming touch to your travels.

What You’ll Need

Making a lead in Minecraft is simple, requiring easily obtainable materials:

  • 4 Strings: These versatile threads can be easily acquired by defeating spiders, striders, or cats or breaking cobwebs in abandoned mineshafts.
  • 1 Slimeball:┬áSearch for those bouncy slimes in swamps or underground caves; defeating them yields the slimeball.

How to Craft

  1. Crafting Table: Access your trusty crafting table by right-clicking on it.

  2. Pattern Perfection: Arrange the ingredients in the crafting grid as follows:

    • Top Row: String, Empty, String
    • Middle Row: String, Slimeball, Empty
    • Bottom Row: Empty, Empty, String
  3. Reward: The crafting process will reward you with two leads for your efforts, ready to be added to your inventory.

How to Use

  1. Choose Your Companion: Many passive mobs in Minecraft can be leashed, including sheep, cows, pigs, horses, and even adorable llamas.
  2. Attach the Lead: Hold the lead and right-click on the desired mob. The lead will securely attach, ready to guide them.
  3. Lead and Explore: You can lead your companion wherever you roam. Be mindful of their limitations, as some areas might be too challenging for their abilities.
  4. Secure Your Friend: Right-click on a fence post while holding the attached mob for a break. This ties the lead to the fence, allowing your companion to rest safely.
Screengrab Courtesy of wattles via YouTube

Extra Tips for Traveling with Companions

  • Leads can sometimes be challenging to use in water, so be cautious in aquatic adventures.
  • If pulled too harshly or hit by projectiles, leads can break. Keep an eye on your companion’s safety.
  • While you cannot directly lead villagers, boats and minecarts provide an alternative mode of transportation.

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