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A career in the information technology sector can be rewarding and enriching. This industry offers a robust framework for stability and solidity, excellent prospects for growth and employment, high salaries, attractive benefits, with unique opportunities for personal development.

Being able to participate in the development and deployment of modern technology may have seemed like a pipe dream a few years ago. Still, thanks to certification courses and resources like exam dumps, it can now become your reality.

Acquiring a tech badge can help you grow into a revered programmer or technician, as it can serve as a springboard from which you jump-start a fun and engaging career in the tech sector. 

If you’re looking to build on existing skills, networking exams like the Microsoft 70-741 can be a great help. On that account, we have developed an insightful article on the subject to lend you a helping hand so you can better unlock your potential.

What Should You Know about Microsoft 70-741?

This Examsnap Microsoft-launched test is designed for individuals looking for a program that can enhance their networking background. It covers the skills and competencies needed to take an active part in networking. As a result, it teaches how to design, use, set up, and support Windows Server 2016. You will learn how to install and implement storage solutions, work with Windows containers, Hyper-V, and more. On the assessment day, you’ll have to do 40-60 questions of different formats that you’ll need to finish within 120 minutes. The fee that it’s necessary to pay to sit for 70-741 is $165. 

Candidates who pass this Microsoft assessment along with 70-740 and 70-742 successfully will receive the Click Here for Exam-Labs 70-741 MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification, thus validating their skills like Windows Server 2016 computer system or network administration specialists. Applicants for this badge are required to have networking experience and should understand fundamental networking terminologies like IPAM, DNS, DHCP, etc. 

What Skills Does Microsoft 70-741 Test You On? 

This 70-741 exam evaluates candidates on a variety of skills that include the ability to:

  • Use of DNS (15-20%);
  • Deploy an Advanced Networking Infrastructure (15-20%);
  • Make Use of IPAM and DHCP (25-30%);
  • Utilize Core and Distributed Network Solutions (15-20%);
  • Implement Networking Connectivity and Remote PC Access (20-25%).

How Earning MCSA in Windows Server 2016 Badge Can Benefit You

If you’re highly driven, dogged, and looking for a credential that empowers you to make an impact by turning great ideas into action, then the MCSA in Windows Server 2016 certification can benefit you in a myriad of ways. These include:

  • Significant growth prospects. Being MCSA certified can get you into high-level positions where your peers are often overlooked. This credential also gives you plenty of insights into common Windows Server 2016 problems that if nurtured correctly can fast track your growth into a managerial role in your organization or foster your relationship with clients.
  • Acquiring the MCSA in Windows Server 2016 helps to demonstrate your skills and makes you seem competent. This will cause your boss to feel comfortable delegating jobs to you, helping you to earn his/her trust. Over time, your potential grows to the extent that s/he is comfortable enough to promote you. If you invest in increasing your skills further, you can rise to occupy highly rewarding positions in data operations, system administration, and network management. For those who are yet to find a job, the MCSA Windows Server 2016 badge can put you in an excellent position to land a high-paying job or freelance gigs.
  • Salary increases to a completely new level. For instance, an average salary for computer systems and networks administrators equals $60,805, as claims.
  • Knowing how to network with DNS, DHCP, as well as IP address management, and this can help instill an interest in network technology and a desire to keep abreast of new technology trends. Such an endeavor may lead to technology trend awareness that empowers you to become one of the most knowledgeable in new technology. This can give you an edge in your future pursuits since the ability to quickly adapt to changes is an invaluable skill in the IT sector.

What Are Best Ways You Can Prepare for Microsoft 70-741?

Passing the Microsoft 70-741 can help kick start your journey to becoming a certified networking specialist. That being said, the ‘not so secret’ ingredient to earning the much-coveted badge is to prepare yourself for the assessment. This can be achieved in several ways, including:

  • Practice as often as possible. You’ve probably heard the saying, “practice makes perfect.” Nowhere is this truer than in exam situations. You can become better at 70-741 by practicing often and regularly. Such a habit enables you to learn more and better apply what you learned.
  • Consider mock tests. One of the best possible ways to prepare for the Microsoft 70-741 is to take practice tests. Doing so makes you conversant with the format of your assessment as well as helps you build a proven approach to tackling the questions. offers free and paid mock tests that you can utilize to boost your chances of passing the test easily. Their 70-741 Premium Bundle ($39.97) consists of an expert-validated practice test, a video tutorial, and a handy study guide.
  • Making use of the VCE Player to work with practice tests from can help you to create the setting of the real test and this way build up your confidence on the exam day.
  • Identify and understand your strengths and weaknesses. Make it a point to precisely identify and understand your strengths and weaknesses so that you can define areas which you need to develop to make the required point in your test. To determine this, take practice tests, indicating the questions you fail. Assess yourself afterward and focus on the questions you have failed. Study and practice harder until you can get them correctly.

Final Thoughts

As technologies continue to emerge and change professional industries, the MCSA in Windows Server 2016 certification offers individuals an opportunity to understand their craft better and stay up to date on the latest trends so they will have a better understanding of how to solve technical problems for their company or client.

Obtaining this credential through passing the Microsoft 70-740, 70-741, and 70-742 will make you a more competitive candidate. So we encourage you to use all available resources at your disposal, including reliable’s practice tests, to build up your profile. Besides, the technical and professional knowledge gained over time might open up new doors that could catapult you to heights you never thought possible.


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