Cooking is a big part of Genshin, which highlights the fact that the game has been compared to Breath of the Wild. Processing Ingredients is a component of the meal preparation method. To ensure you understand how to go about it, let’s go over how to do it properly!

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Any food product you can make – or cook – is made up of a few key components. Some ingredients could be used immediately, while others must be ‘Processed’ before they can be used in specific dishes.

Processing Ingredients

  • To Process Ingredients, you must first go to a fire pit, which is one of the locations where you can cook food. These are available from the very beginning and they can be observed all over the place. Your best option is to look for one in your beginning area.

  • When you engage the cooking pot, you’ll be taken to a menu for a cooking mechanic. A tab with a symbol that looks like some Chillies is the Process menu.
  • Choose the pieces you want to process one item into something else using this menu.
  • It requires time to process an ingredient, and the time required varies depending on the item. You can schedule processing and leave it operating.
  • Wheat (1x)
1 minute Flour
  • Sweet Flower (2x)
3 minutes Sugar
  • Sunsettia (3x)
  • Berry (2x)
  • Sugar (1x)
10 minutes Jam
  • Raw Meat (3x)
20 minutes Sausage
  • Milk (1x)
3 minutes Cream
  • Fowl (3x)
  • Salt (1x)
5 minutes Smoked Fowl
  • Milk (2x)
5 minutes Butter
  • Crab (4x)
20 minutes Crab Roe
  • Raw Meat (2x)
  • Salt (1x)
5 minutes Ham
  • Milk (3x)
10 minutes Cheese
  • Raw Meat (2x)
  • Salt (2x)
15 minutes Bacon

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