How to Redeem Roblox Gift Card (April 2021)

Roblox releases a new set of exclusive items every month that can only be obtained by redeeming gift cards. You may receive a varying item based on which store you buy it from. It’s wise to look around before you buy if you’re looking for something particular or just getting a card and want the hottest stuff.

Roblox Gift Cards

Most games have gift cards that can be used to give someone in-game currency. This isn’t a completely new idea. Gift cards for Roblox, on the other hand, are a lot of fun!

  • Cards come with extra benefits, in-game goods that are instantly given to the user once the card is redeemed, every month!

The in-game money of Roblox is called Robux. There are several ways to obtain Robux. We’ll go over the varying kinds of gift cards, where to obtain them, what products you can get as a reward, and how to redeem these items!

How to Redeem?

  • Log in to your Roblox Account.
  • Go to Gift Card Redemption.
  • Enter the PIN from your Card.
  • Click Redeem.

Stores and their Bonus Items

  • United States
    • Dollar General – Spring Top Hat
    • Walgreens – UnBeelievable Disguise
    • Circle K – Chic Spring Chick
    • CVS – Sleepy Spring Duck
    • Select Merchants – Sleepy Spring Chicken
    • EB Games – Angry Duck Backpack
    • Walmart – Lotus Flip Cap
    • Best Buy – Lily Pad Hat
    • Target – The Scrambler
    • COSTCO – Lotus Cape
  • United Kingdom
    • GAME – Cool Chick
    • Sainsbury’s – Flower Power Shades
    • Curry’s – Mossy Forest Antlers
    • WHSmiths – Nature’s King
    • Smyth Toys – Spring Fedora
  • Australia
    • JB Hi-Fi – Giant Rose Hat (Also available in NZ)
    • Big W – Chick Knit
    • Woolworths – More Spring Crochet Fedora
  • Canada
    • Petro-Canada – Pastel Goth Bunny Hood
  • Worldwide
    • ALDI – Lily Pad Pauldrons
  • Roblox Website
    • Bacon and Egg Hair
    • Hanging Despacito Spider
    • Bloxy Cola Splash Hat

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