Not the real PS5

With Sony’s PS5 about to be launched in just a few months, most of us are quite eager to get our hands on the next generation of consoles as soon as possible. 

However, the PS5 is not going to be cheap, and unless you want to blow a big hole through your savings or spend the entirety of a 2-months salary, then you will need to start saving up ASAP. But, saving is one of the hardest things to achieve in today’s consumeristic world, as there are too many temptations to keep away from.

So, if you hardly have much money saved up, but are absolutely adamant about getting the PS5 as soon as it launches, then our list of tips and tricks are bound to come in handy.

Here are some ways to help you save up before the console release:

  1. Set-up a piggy bank for adults

Sounds rather childish, doesn’t it? But just hear us out on it first. 

Having a savings box at home is an amazing motivational tool to help you save up as effectively as possible. Just get an old jar, slap the PS5 poster sticker on it, and just keep feeding money into it on a regular basis.

Either put in some money every day or just split your monthly allowance in half and stow away 50% in the jar. With practice, patience, and abstinence you will have enough for the next console in no time. 

However, just the console should never really be your only aim. What is a gaming box without games? Not only should you have the PS5 as your final aim, but some games along with it as well.

  1. You can always wait for a sale

Not a very popular opinion, but a very effective one nonetheless. 

If your sole objective is to just get the console and not to jump for it as soon as it comes out in the market, then it’s quite a sound idea to wait for a sale and get the PS5 when it’s cheaper, or comes as a bundle pack, along with additional games with no extra charges.

Festivals and holidays are the best time to get amazing deals on consoles, as online shopping portals like Amazon and Flipkart provide incredible prices during this time. 

Apart from the PS5 console, the games itself come at a discounted rate during the holidays. Events like the Black Friday Sale, Easter Sale and Christmas are going to help you get the games you want at a very budgeted price.

  1. Sell away the old and unused

If you have a lot of old things stowed away at home, which you haven’t used in a very long time, then selling them off is another way of making money fast. 

By getting a PS5, chances are you will not be paying much attention to the old console back at home (if you have one lying around that is). So, instead of keeping the older machine around for the sake of nostalgia, you can always try and pawn it off for a significant chunk of money. 

if you don’t have an older machine, then old furniture and other unused devices will do the trick just fine. This will even prevent you from being a chronic hoarder.

  1. Getting your hands on gift coupons

Gift coupons are another great way of saving up on money. As they are an amazing source of discounts, gifts, and electronic stores will help you have a console at a very reduced rate.

Gift coupons provide discounts from 10% all the way to 60%, and with that saved up cash, you will be able to invest in games and the latest IP releases without having to take a trip to the bank.

  1. No more shopping sprees

Frivolously spending money in shopping malls and online shopping portals is one of the greatest evils that deny you from getting the next generation of consoles when you actually want to have it.

However, with this tip, don’t get up wrong by thinking that we are completely discouraging you from getting anything from these portals while you’re saving up for a console. 

It’s important to buy things, but it’s even more important to just get the things that you want and not go over-budget on stuff which you don’t need. Making a list of priorities is crucial, as it will help you to keep your spendings in check.

When is the launch date for the PlayStation 5?

Due to the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is dire, Sony is yet to reveal an official release date for its next-generation console. However, for now, they are planning a release during the holiday season.


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