Callisto Protocol is hard and not Elden Ring levels of difficulty either. Trying to survive the infested moon can leave you frustrated, which is why the reception of the Dead Space successor is mixed. Those who want to tackle the challenge and find a way to defeat the game can use these tips. These come from Reddit user bumblebeehoneycomb who formulated some strategies to make the game feel better.

General Tips

One thing you should do when facing single enemies is to practice their patterns and movements. It will allow you to learn their habits and help you during more intense moments. You’ll want to do this often until you’re comfortable facing the different enemies.

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Of course, this doesn’t discount the fact that multiple enemies can be frustrating. The goal is to focus on one enemy at a time. When it’s hard to hit the one you’re targeting, settle for the one in front of you. The goal is to survive and slowly whittle down their health until they come out on top.

When you can, one of the first things you should prioritize getting at the printer is the heavy attack. It allows you to escape sticky situations by attacking multiple enemies and staggering them.

Melee is also king in this game, and guns don’t have the effect you think they should. Prioritizing your baton upgrades and your grp should be the main strategy. It’ll also mean you don’t have to print ammo and focus instead on whacking enemies.


Dodging is probably a key point in the arguments of many that are detracting from the game, pushing its difficulty higher. Remember that the dodge button is deliberate. You cannot do another action to override another. When you’re attacking, you won’t be able to dodge.

Add to that the fact that enemies can block your attacks. Do not spam your attacks to observe how the enemy reacts to the hit. When they block, drop your combo and dodge first. Afterward, you can begin a combo again.

Other than that, one of the things you can do with your gun is to use it to chain melee combos. After a combo, you’ll see your aim reticle, allowing you to shoot. Shoot it to stagger the enemy and initiate another melee combo.


Another difficult point in Callisto protocol is resource management. It can be challenging to try and find health or ammo when you need it. Always check the walls because they’re the most common places for health injectors. There are also toolboxes you can open with your GRP for more items.

According to bumblebee, you should always check every part of the room when there are movable crates. There are places with higher elevations containing resources you may not have noticed.

Combining these strategies can make things a little easier for you, and you may even start having fun again. Try to apply them and see how your next playthrough of Callisto Protocol goes.

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