Resident Evil 4 demo
Resident Evil 4 demo has a secret difficulty (Image courtesy of Capcom)

Capcom released the Chainsaw Demo of the much-awaited Resident Evil 4 Remake, and the fans are thrilled. The latest re-release in the series, the game is a refreshed touch to the survival-horror genre with some challenging enemies. You can access this title before its full release with the demo. You can play it both on PC and on the console. If you want to know if it’s playable on steam deck or not, look here.

The Chainsaw Demo comes with a secret difficulty mode called Mad Chainsaw. The mechanics get even harder than what they were before. In this article, let’s take a look at what this difficulty mode does and how to unlock it in the Resident Evil 4 Remake demo.

Exploring the Mad Chainsaw mode and how to unlock it in the Resident Evil 4 Remake demo

Mad Chainsaw mode difficulty overview

Resident Evil 4 remake
This difficulty makes Chainsaw Man even more terrifying (Image courtesy of Capcom)

The Chainsaw Demo is situated in the village area where Leon S. Kennedy is the only hope for the villagers. Survive long enough as Leon and you will be met with the villain of the demo, the Chainsaw Man. Also known as Dr. Salvador, he revs up his chainsaw and comes for you, making it an iconic moment in the Resident Evil 4 Remake demo.

But in this secret difficulty, everything is scarier. The Chainsaw Man’s weapon is now in flames that can rip you apart very easily compared to other difficulties. He is like a super-human Chainsaw Man with a weapon wreathed in flames and high attack power. The other enemies become more powerful too, making it even more difficult for you to survive. This difficulty mode in Resident Evil 4 tests your skills like none other, thus be very prepared before trying it. Capcom took the challenge up a notch.

How to unlock the secret difficulty?

RE4 secret difficulty
The Mad Chainsaw Man menu (Image courtesy of Capcom)

There is no sure-shot way to unlock the difficulty just yet, it involves a bit of luck. You will have to wait and see a menu saying “Extreme difficulty Mad Chainsaw Mode incoming” and will be prompted to either accept or decline the challenge. There is a high chance that this menu will not appear to you the first time around, so reset the game and try again until it shows up. This mode triggers randomly and thus may take a while.

Remember, if you die in the Mad Chainsaw mode, you will lose access to it. Relaunch the game and try again with the steps above.


We will advise you to play the demo in its normal difficulty to get an idea of combat and playstyle. If you feel comfortable with it, it’s time for you to take up the challenge in the Resident Evil 4 Remake demo.

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