How to win a Free Lionel Messi signed jersey on Instagram?

Who wouldn’t like to have a jersey of one of the world’s GOAT, Lionel Messi? Oh, of course, we also do! Unfortunate news we have here though — the Argentina jerseys on the Adidas website may seem to be sold out. If you haven’t gotten Messi’s jersey just yet, then you may want to read more with us here. Take your chance, you just have to own an Instagram account and you’re good to go. Here’s how you can win a free Lionel Messi signed jersey on IG!

How to win a Lionel Messi-signed jersey

If you weren’t able to join the signed jersey giveaway of Leo Messi and Icons Memorabilia on Instagram, then we have a few more options here! Easy as one, two, and three, for sure (and of course, your luck too!) There’s a challenge though, but seriously, you only need an IG account and comment away!

  • Once you make sure you have an Instagram account, log into it. This is where the exciting part begins.
  • Head over to Pubity’s Instagram account. Instead of navigating into their account, you may access their exact post below.

  • Follow all their three accounts:@pubity, @pubitysport, and @football.newz.
  • Furthermore, as the photo in the Pubity post says, you just have to simply have 0 likes on your comment. You can add multiple to unlimited entries on the post. Currently, there are more than 1.2 million comments.
Free Lionel Messi signed jersey, Instagram how to win
Image Courtesy of Pubity via Instagram
  • This Pubity giveaway ends at the end of the year, Saturday, December 31. The winner should be announced via Instagram Story, so be sure to check it out! Good luck, fans.

Another signed jersey Giveaway

Wait, wait, wait, we aren’t done yet! If you don’t think you can have that 0 likes on your comments, then try your luck in this one then.

  • Open your Instagram account, and head over to Pubity’s page again. If you can’t seem to find it, just click on the post below.

  • Of course, a part of the mechanics still requires you to follow all their three accounts — @pubity, @pubitysport, and @football.newz.
  • Secondly, you have to tag a friend. Your friend may be a football fan, a Messi fan, or just simply a friend who supports your luck for a signed jersey, go! Every comment counts as an entry, Pubity shares.
  • Share the post on your Story. Pubity would love to have more fans join and celebrate Leo Messi and the whole Argentina win, so make sure you share it!
  • The winner of this giveaway would be chosen on Sunday, January 1st, 2023. Wait to be contacted by Pubity on new year’s day. That’s *definitely* a happy new year, so good luck once again, fans!

Messi’s World Cup Instagram post

While we’re on Instagram, have you checked out Leo Messi’s World Cup post? Well, if you haven’t might as well take a peek at the victory of Argentina at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar!

  • And to everyone’s amazement and abundant support for the team, Messi’s post may have set a new world record as the most-liked photo on the social media platform. The World Cup post overtakes the World Record Egg which has a tally of a little less than 56 million likes.

Well, champions of the world as Messi states in his post, and a new world record set, who’s doing it like him? Anyway, we’ll take our chance to have a free Lionel Messi signed jersey too from Pubity, best of luck to everyone!

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SOURCES: Pubity on Instagram, Leo Messi on Instagram

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