The DualSense Edge Controller will be the newest addition to the PS5, rolling out on January 26, 2023. It will expand upon the features of the original DualSense, possessing the same pad, feedback, and adaptive triggers. However, Sony stated that the DualSense Edge has a design fit for hardcore players and professionals.

What Makes the DualSense Edge Controller Different?

The immediate thing you’ll notice about the DualSense Edge is the added buttons. There are two back buttons, and trigger stops to change how the trigger buttons feel. You can even change the joysticks themselves, including the entire model when you want something more custom to your play style. There are also buttons beneath the joysticks, meant to help you swap between controller configurations at a press of a button.

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Everything with the Edge is customizable. You can map buttons as you see fit, and you can also replace the back buttons. You have the option to change the sensitivity of the joysticks and the intensity of haptic feedback.

The DualSense Edge Controller has several accessories, including a charging cable plus lock. The different thumb stick models are also a part of the package. You can find everything in one heavy-duty case to protect your new gear.

How Much Does It Cost?

One thing that detracts many gamers interested in the DualSense Edge controller is its price. The retail value will be $200, including all the accessories and the case. To put it into perspective, a digital PS5 is worth $400. It’s half the price of a digital version, which is a steep price for a controller.

Compare that to the Xbox Elite Series 2, which is around $155. The Edge mirrors the DualSense design while adding many features to provide customizability. Here’s what’s included with the $200 price:

  • The DualSense Edge controller (wireless)
  • A USB braided cable with a lock
  • Connector housing
  • A carrying case
  • Six caps (standard, high, and low)
  • Six back buttons (low dome, half dome, and lever)

Is the DualSense Edge Controller Worth It?

When you’re just there to play games, $200 is steep. The price of a regular DualSense controller is around $60-70. You can buy two or three DualSense controllers for the one Edge. You’re better off saving money to buy games or other accessories.

There is an audience that the Edge will connect with best: professional players. Customizability will help pros and aspiring pros make the most out of their controllers. The price is also something that a pro will likely be able to afford.

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Other than that, hardcore players who want a flexible controller may desire to have the Edge as a part of their arsenal. There is potential for it to improve gameplay for first-person shooters and fighters, to name a few genres.

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