In June 2021, a slew of fresh Field Research Tasks and Prizes will be available. Every new mission will be listed in this article!

Earn 1x Candy while walking with your Buddy. Makuhita encounter
Earn 2x Candy while walking with your Buddy. Bunnelby encounter
Earn 3x Candy while walking with your Buddy. Stunkfisk encounter
Earn 5x Hearts with your Buddy. Mankey encounter
Fight in Go Battle League. Mudkip encounter
Beat 3x Team Go Rocket grunts. Hitmonchan / Hitmonlee encounter
Win 1x Raid.
Galaraian Farfetch’d encounter
Send 3x Gifts to Friends. Chinchou encounter
Trade 1x Pokemon. Graveler encounter
Win Lvl. 3+ Raid (1x) Omanyte / Kabuto encounter
Evolve a Pokemon Eevee encounter
Power-up Pokemon 3x Bulbasaur / Charmander / Squirtle encounter
Power-up Pokemon 5x Chikorita / Cyndaquil / Totodile encounter
Power-up Pokemon 7x Mudkip / Torchic / Treecko encounter
Spin Pokestops / Gym 3x Sudowoodo encounter
Spin Pokestops / Gym 5x Ralts encounter
Take a SnapShot of wild Pokemon. Hoppip / Murkrow / Yanma encounter
Use Berries 10x to help catch a Pokemon Electrike encounter
Catch a Dragon-type Pokemon Bagon encounter
Catch Pokemon 3x Magnemite encounter
Catch different species of Pokemon 5x Max Potions (3x)
Catch weather-boosted Pokemon 5x Hippopotas / Snover encounter
Catch Pokemon 7x Magikarp encounter
Catch Fighting-type Pokemon 7x Meditite encounter
Catch Grass-type Pokemon 10x Venusaur Mega Energy (10x)
Catch Fire-type Pokemon 10x Charizard Mega Energy (10x)
Catch Normal-type Pokemon 10x Pidgeot Mega Energy (10x)
Catch Water-type Pokemon 10x Blastoise Mega Energy (10x)
Make Nice Throws 5x Dunsparce encounter
Make Great Throws 3x Snubbull / Lileep / Anorith encounter
Make 3x Great Throws in a row. Onix encounter
Make 5x Great Curveball Throws in a row. Spinda encounter
Hatch 1x Egg Mantine / Pineco encounter
Hatch 2x Eggs Beldum encounter

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