K-pop February 2023 Comebacks to watch out for

February has been known to be the month of love, and we can music is tied to it. Sweet music, love songs, and simple music keep the atmosphere light and loving. Well, K-pop fans, you know the drill with a new month *wink*. We prepared a list of the new and upcoming K-pop comebacks for February 2023, so sit back and relax, and find your ults here! Oh, we’re so excited for the love month and its comebacks that are coming! What groups are you looking forward to hearing new music from?

February 1

Epik High
  • First stop and to welcome this new month, the trio Epik High drops a comeback. The group releases a new album entitled ‘Strawberry’. Have you listened to their new songs already? Happy February 1st, K-pop fans!

Jeong Mi Ae
  • South Korean soloist and trot singer Jeong Mi Ae releases a song on the first day of February too. If you haven’t heard it, might as well check it out on YouTube! Enjoy the newest track of Mi Ae titled Don’t worry (걱정 붙들어 )!


  • Girls’ Generation member and soloist TAEYEON sets to release another ballad song produced by 나얼. The upcoming track 혼자서 걸어요(Nights Into Days) would be TAEYEON’s next song after her successful solo comeback with song and album ‘INVU‘. We already have our tissues ready, you should probably keep a roll on your side too.
K-pop February 2023 comebacks, TAEYEON
Image Courtesy of 1theK via YouTube
Sonny Zero, hevel, and DASU
  • To jump onto the February 2023 K-pop comebacks, Sonny Zero gives out new music too. Along with hevel and DASU, the R&B and Soul singer greets February with a new EP entitled ‘Places We Knew’. The trio recently shared a track ‘Dew‘ in 2022. We are excited!


  • The long-awaited sub-unit finally comes to CARATs! SEVENTEEN‘s BooSeokSoon, also known as BSS, shares their 1st single album called ‘SECOND WIND’. The upcoming album consists of three tracks that certainly would capture the hearts of the CARAT fandom!
BooSeokSoon SVT
Photo Courtesy of @pledis_17 via Twitter


Ha Sung Woon
  • Another solo artist would grace the music industry as Ha Sung Woon drops a single album. The digital single album entitled Snowy Stars can be heard on February 8th at 12 PM Korean Standard Time (KST).

  • If you’re still stuck on NCT DREAM’s Candy, then maybe a Japanese track would be the perfect pair for that. ‘Best Friend Ever’ comes to the NCTzens on the 8th as well, are you ready to be on LSS mode again with 7DREAM? Oh, by the way, look at the album covers below, have you purchased one, or should we say all?
Image Courtesy of @NCT_OFFICIAL_JP via Twitter

February 10th

Rock Hyeon
  • Here comes another Japan release, but this time a solo debut of FAVE1‘s Rock Hyeon! The title sounds hurtful though, ‘Over’ can be heard on the 10th, so be sure you wait for it. Just to be sure, we’re ready to cry our hearts out.


M.O.M (MSG Wannabe)
  • While we wait for the actual details of this comeback, after a year, supergroup M.O.M. comes back! The confirmation of the comeback came from allkpop, and members Ji Suk Jin, KCM, Parc Jae Jung, and Wonstein are ready to sing for us again.


  • With the title track, ‘Killer’, pretty sure that SHINee’s KEY would have us ended by his charms. The 2nd Album Repackage gets to see the light of day on February 13th. Let’s see the duality of KEY once again with this upcoming repackage album!

  • The young tripleS debuts with their 1st mini album called ‘ASSEMBLE’ just a day before Hearts Day. The 10 members of the girl group were introduced for their debut. tripleS get cozy and fierce with their upcoming release with the title track ‘Rising’, are you ready to hear them?


  • Are you excited to “STAYC girls, it’s going down!” again? The six-member girl group under High Up Entertainment follows their “WE NEED LOVE” single album, with a third single album ‘Teddy Bear’. Definitely a happy Valentine’s for SWITHs!
K-pop february 2023, stayc
Image Courtesy of @STAYC_official via Twitter
  • TRI.BE brings cute, party, and summer vibes to their upcoming comeback. The group releases their second mini album entitled [W.A.Y]. Another bop, shall we see?


  • Purple on the top, oh we’re so excited for their comeback! This should be the first comeback of the RBW Entertainment group without former member Park JiEun (we’re still sad about it, TBH). Anyway, another 4th generation’s PURPLE KISS that always slays sets to drop their 5th mini album entitled ‘Cabin Fever’ soon!

  • CDANZA Records brings to the Ahgases JAY B’s Special CD called ‘Seasonal Hiatus’. With the first look at the concept photos, we think we’ll fall in love with JAY B over and over again (we’re not complaining). He’s so charming and cute, drop the music right away, please!
Comebacks, jay b
Photo Courtesy of @cdnzarecords via Twitter
  • TheNewSix shares the teasers and concept photos for their second mini album entitled ‘Love Never Dies’. The school concept certainly fits this six-member boy group, TNX from PNation.
K-pop, tnx
Image Courtesy of @TNX_Official via Twitter
OnlyOneOf (JP)
  • Another Japanese release coming to fans! OnlyOneOf finally debuts in Japan with its first mini album called ‘chrOme arts’. Also, the group visits Shibuya on February 2nd, so secure your tickets now!

February 20th

  • We love how THE BOYZ‘s music videos and even teasers get interesting with every comeback. Their eighth mini album ‘BE AWAKE’ has this thriller and mysterious vibe, and we’re up for that!


Stray Kids (JP)
  • While we near the end of this list of February 2023 K-pop comebacks, Stray Kids has their entry too. Before jumping into their world tour, the group drops their first Japanese full album. Yup STAYs, a full album for everyone, so cheers for new music! Here’s the trailer, we’re currently malfunctioning HELP.

  • Lastly on our list of K-pop comebacks this February 2023, the young girl group, CLASS:y, drops their Japan second single called ‘TARGET’ near the end of this month. In case you missed it, if there are Japanese fans here, secure your tickets now for their Japan Fan Concert! It happens on February 22nd too, they’ll definitely steal your heart!

Who among all these K-pop comebacks for February 2023 have you been waiting for? Happy Hearts’ month, K-pop fans!

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