Kena Bridge of Spirits All Rots Location in the Ruins

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is the latest third-person action-adventure game developed at Ember Lab. It was released just now, i.e., 21st September 2021 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The game follows Kena, who uses her magical abilities to help deceased people move from the physical to the spirit world.

The game begins with a simple mission to find 5 Rots in the Ruins region of the game. In case you are facing any difficulty finding these cute little creatures, just follow this elaborate guide.

All 5 Rots in Ruins

The very first Rot you encounter is right ahead of you and is a part of the story. Just move forward after you learn how to jump/double jump and you’ll find it. This Rot will not be counted towards the 5 you need to find. To find the ones you need to find continue reading and watch the gameplay video above.

Rot 1

  • Look towards the left of the platform where you found the grey rot and you’ll see some rocks.
  • Climb those rocks by jumping and double jumping.
  • Move straight ahead and you’ll see some stone tablets.
  • You’ll find the first rot here ad the grey rot will hug it very cutely.

Rot 2

  • From here move forward towards a bridge and take the first right.
  • Jump on the stairs leading towards some rocks near the waterfall.
  • When you reach in the front of these rocks, hit pulse, and the second Rot will emerge from the cave.

Rot 3

  • Turn back 180 degrees and head straight.
  • You’ll see a pit and a platform right ahead, so take a long jump over the pit.
  • Go straight ahead and over the log bridge to come across a lantern.
  • Hit pulse and you’ll find the 3rd Rot here.
Rot 4

  • You’ll see a path towards the right behind the lantern.
  • Take that path and keep following it to some stairs.
  • Climb down the stairs and look slightly towards left.
  • You’ll see a chest, hit pulse and you’ll find the 4th Rot here.

Rot 5

  • Turn back, climb the stairs back, follow the path and take the first left.
  • Head straight towards the circular platform (like in the beginning) you see in front of the waterfall.
  • The waterfall is far away, so hit pulse, and some platforms will be revealed.
  • Follow these platforms by jumping and double jumping straight into a cave behind the waterfall.
  • Go straight ahead and you’ll see some sacred rocks, hit pulse and you’ll find the fifth and final Rot.

Please note that you can also get three more Rot in the Ruins after defeating Sprout mini-boss.

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