UPDATE: Kohl’s is canceling PS5 orders even after sending confirmation emails [Click to read more]

A lot of people were able to order the PS5 from today’s KOHL’s PS5 drop, but as it seems there are a ton of issues floating around right now. Some ordered through a guest account and can’t seem to figure out their order number while many haven’t received any confirmation emails. Here’s an answer to every important question asked so far.

I don’t have my order number. What do I do?

Call 800-564-5740 or 855-564-5705 or click here to get your order number.

I haven’t received a confirmation email but I have been charged.

All you can do right now is wait. Or, you can contact Kohl’s customer support by clicking here.

My card got charged and my order status says “In Fulfillment”. Am I set?

Mostly, yes. You can’t change or cancel your order right now. But KOHL’s can still do that if they got overorders. Keep checking your mail and order status.

Keep in mind: Although “In Fulfillment” should mean your order went through, we can’t say for sure in the case of the PS5s. So, keep checking your order status.

If you have any more questions, DM me on Twitter (click here) or ask me on Instagram at spieltimes or click here.

I’ll be updating this with more answers. Keep refreshing the page.


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