League of Legends: Janna Top Smite Meta Build in 12.3

Another update means another unintended buff in Summoner’s Rift. In Patch 12.3, data shows that Janna boasts one of the highest win rates. She sat at somewhere above 58% win rate in high elo games before settling to around 55%. The crazy thing is, she’s being played at the top lane with Smite as her summoner spell.

A roaming enchanter top is not new in League of Legends. It’s a very unusual style of play where you’re only seeking a bit of XP from the solo lane before moving around to try and influence other areas. As a Janna top, your goal is to roam for your teammates, help them get kills, and snowball. You’re also using Smite to steal Jungle camps from the enemy, derailing their momentum.

Builds and Runes

If you’re interested in playing top lane a different way, you may want to give Janna a try as she is one of the best in the role by win rate. For runes, you’ll take Glacial Augment to help your W and tornado with added CC. The inspiration tree gives you access to Cosmic Insight for the spell and item haste. Future’s Market will also allow you to get into a bit of debt to buy items you need.

Image Courtesy of Riot Games
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The secondary tree will be Sorcery, taking both Celerity and Waterwalking. The former increases Janna’s move speed bonuses while the latter helps her quickly roam to other lanes using the river.

For items, you start with Spellthief’s Edge to gain extra gold in the early stages of the lane. From there, your core build will be Boots of Swiftness, Shurelyas, and Chemtech Purifier for those pesky heals.


The best counter to Janna right now are champions who can get the jump on her. Rengar, Malphite, Pantheon, and Zeri can all give her difficulty getting what she needs in the lane. They can also respond fast if she tries to roam. Teleport may be the best spell to counter her movements.

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