The peculiar leveling and character upgrade methods in Legend of Mana are well-known. While many consider this to be among the best games in the Mana installment, it is not a simple game to master. One of the most distinctive and difficult systems is the abilities approach.

Although Legend of Mana was originally released for the SNES, it is now available in the Collection of Mana for Nintendo Switch players. This 21-year-old game will provide players with a unique story, engaging missions, perhaps one of the most perplexing ability systems ever devised.

Players can use abilities to move around and can enable up to two abilities on each character at once. These could be used in battle as well as to access special movements for your character’s weapons.

New Abilities + How To Unlock

Jump Defend Retreat Lunge
Crouch Cheer Spin Push
Jump + Lunge Somersault
Jump + Retreat Back-Roll
Jump + Crouch High Jump
Jump + High-Jump Double Jump
Defend + Push Grapple
Defend + Lunge Defensive Lunge
Grapple + Spin Whirl
Push + Whirl  Bash
Push + Lunge Tackle
Back-Roll + High-Jump Backflip
High-Jump + Somersault Moonsault
Retreat + Lunge Evade
Bash + Crouch Toss
Back-Roll + Backflip Flip-Kick
Cheer + Retreat Taunt
Crouch + Lunge Slide

Even if the abilities are not configured together, they proceed to level up. As a result, if a gamer has a high enough tier of unequipped Ability A and earns enough XP to obtain a sufficient level of Ability B, the fresh ability will be discovered even if they are not fitted together on the hero at the time.

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