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Lego 2K Drive

A racing game featuring LEGO will soon be released by 2K and produced by Visual Concepts. Release day is set for May 19, 2023, and platforms supported include Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S. The game is in a third-person perspective and set in a world of BrickLandia. One feature that stands out is that vehicles can transform according to the terrain they are on. For example, Driving the vehicle on water would turn it into a boat. Although much information has yet to be released, we do have information about how the trophy, rewards, and challenges work in LEGO 2K drive, and this guide will focus on the same.

LEGO 2K Drive: Trophy Guide

Currently, you can earn 39 trophies divided among four tiers: bronze, silver, gold, and Platinum. Completing each gives you a specific gamerscore, and below are all the missions and rewards.

Bronze Trophy 

  1. A Charismatic Mentor: Receive your first Checkered Flag in Story mode
  2. Cruising Big Butte County: Drive around in Big Butte County in Story mode
  3. Cruising Prospecto Valley: Drive around in Prospecto Valley in Story mode
  4. Cruising Hauntsborough: Drive around in Hauntsborough in Story mode
  5. New Challengers: Play 10 races or mini-games in Play With Everyone
  6. 3K Drive: Drive 3000 miles (4828 Km)
  7. Hop Upington: Jump 100 times
  8. Just the Start: Collect 50 new vehicles
  9. The Pit Crew: Collect 15 new drivers
  10. Brick Separator: Destroy 1000 objects
  11. Road Hog: Destroy 200 traffic vehicles
  12. It Used to Work: Wreck 100 times
  13. Sidewalk Hog: Punt 200 pedestrians into the air
  14. Big Butte Champion: Beat the But Butte Grand Brick Arena race in Story mode
  15. Prospecto Champion: Beat the Prospecto Valley Grand Brick Arena race in Stoty mode
  16. What’s This Button Do?: Use every type of power-up at least once
  17. Heat Seeker: Hit opponents with missiles 15 times
  18. Free Banana Smoothies: Discover all the Garages in the world in Story mode
  19. Read the Manual: Complete all chapters of the Go-Kart tutorial in the Garage
  20. Honk Means Hello: Talk to 150 folk
  21. Hauntsborough Champion: Beat the Hauntsborough Grand Brick Arena race in Story mode
  22. Couldn’t Have Drifted Better Myself: Drift 5000 meters

Note: Completing the Bronze missions in LEGO 2K drive grants you 10 Gamerscore, although only the Road Hog mission grants you 14 Gamerscore on completing it.

Silver Trophy

  1. Missile Misser: Avoid 50 missiles by jumping over them in races
  2. All Perked Up: Collect 10 perks
  3. Jet-Setter: Find all the jetpacks in the Big Butte County in Story mode
  4. Rotor-Coaster: Find all the rotorpacks in Prospecto Valley in Story mode
  5. Bat-Buds: Find all the batpacks in Hauntsborough in Story mode
  6. Roadshow Ready: Find all the Collectibles in Big Butte County
  7. Township Treasurer: Find all the Collectibles in Prospecto Valley
  8. Paranormal Procurer: Find all the Collectibles in Hauntsborough
  9. The Golden Ending: Earn a Gold Medal in every On-the-Go event in the world
  10. 6K Drive: Drive 6000 miles (9656 Km)
  11. You BREAK Stuff!: Destroy 15000 objects
  12. XPerienced: Get to Level 30 in Story mode

Note: Completing each of the silver missions gives you 30 scores except All Perked Up and Bat Buds which give you 35 and 50 gamerscores respecitively.

Gold Trophy 

  1. Sky Cup Champion: Beat the Sky Cup Grand Prix race in Story mode
  2. Higher Orbit: Spin 1080 degrees in the air without using a jetpack
  3. Crystal Clear: Mow down all weed patches in the world in Story mode
  4. Folk Hero: Complete all quests in the world in Story mode

Note: Completing all of these missions grants you 100 gamerscore each.

Platinum Trophy

  1. Tastes Like Platinum: Earn all trophies in the game

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