The holiday season is coming and ’tis the time for binge-watching, is it? Well, if we’re right, then where are our LEGO fans here? If you are, you might have been thinking about where to watch LEGO Masters since it’s up on its third season in a few countries already. Well, you have to worry no more, we’ll make a list of where to watch the LEGO series! We’ll briefly introduce the show to you, just in case you came here out of curiosity. Shall we get down to business, then?

Where to watch LEGO Masters

Currently, there are a few franchises of this television series around the globe. It originally started in the United Kingdom way back in 2017 for Season 1 and 2018 for Season 2. In 2019, Australia released its first season, while in the United States, Season 1 dropped in 2020.

  • Also, LEGO Masters is a reality show competition that enables the competitors to embark on challenges to build the best LEGO creations and projects they can. Now, where to watch this LEGO bricks series?

United Kingdom

  • The culprit of the LEGO Masters in the U.K. was televised via Channel 4. The first series runs for four episodes, while the second released five episodes, respectively. The hunt is on for the U.K.’s best LEGO builders! The series is hosted by Melvin Odoom, and judges include Matthew Ashton, Roma Agrawal (S1), and Fran Scott (S2).
LEGO Masters, united kingdom
Image Courtesy of Channel 4
  • However, there is no renewal news yet for the third season. But you can still catch the first and second seasons on Channel 4‘s website, just head there.

United States

  • In the U.S., FOX acquired the franchise to televise in the location. The LEGO Masters in the U.S. is hosted and executive produced by actor Will Arnett. The judges in this show AKA the ‘brickmasters’ includes Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett.
LEGO Masters, usa
Image Courtesy of FOX
  • Catch the American LEGO Masters series franchise on its third season on FOX! Its timeslot for the third season happens to be 8/9 ET.


  • Having the same goal as the originally released LEGO Masters, Australia is in search of its best LEGO builders. The series is hosted by Hamish Blake and judged by Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught. The latest season, the fourth ended in the middle of this year 2022. The Josh and Henry, the Newy Brothers, were hailed the winners for the 4th season.
Where to watch LEGO Masters, australia
Image Courtesy of Nine Network
  • No updates for the fifth season just yet, but we hope we can hear soon! For now, you can catch on the latest episodes or binge-watch the whole Australian television series on Nine Network!

New Zealand

  • The country welcomes LEGO Masters NZ this year on their televisions via TVNZ+. The first season concluded last June 2022, and now we’re waiting for another season around 2023. The pilot season reached nine episodes with comedian Dai Henwood as the presenter.
Watch LM NZ
Image Courtesy of TVNZ+
  • If you’re in for some watching, you may do so now! Just head over to TVNZ+, and then you can start binge-watching LEGO Masters NZ! We won’t drop who won this season, so see for yourself, and enjoy!

Other countries

If you haven’t seen your country in the above-mentioned information, maybe it’s here. Check out this list for the other LEGO Masters franchise, and where to catch them or some needed info about their franchises too!

  • Belgium / Netherlands: The third season recently ended this year. No renewal news yet, but stick around for info here! Catch it in VTM and RTL4, respectively.
  • Colombia: The first season drops next year, 2023. Don’t forget to catch it on RCN Television!
  • Czech Republic / Slovakia: You can catch the first seasons of the respective LEGO Masters series on TV Nova and Markiza!
  • Finland: Watch the first season of LEGO Masters Finland on MTV Katsomo!
  • France: You can catch up with the released episodes on 6Play while we wait for the next season!
  • Germany: Furthermore, catch the Germany franchise of LEGO Masters in RTL! There is still no status as of now if there would be another season though.
  • Norway: LEGO Masters Norge can be watched on TV 2 Play, so what are you waiting for? Let’s go!
  • Poland: Currently with unknown status as well, you may want to watch the earlier episodes on TVN Poland!
  • Spain: Only with a season 1 on hand, it looks like we won’t see another LEGO Masters Espana. However, we can still hope, right? Watch the episodes of the first season on Antena 3.
  • South Korea: MBC should air be the one in charge to televised the upcoming LEGO Masters in the country.
  • Sweden: You can watch LEGO Masters Sverige on TV4, so you can start now!

Have you kept up with the LEGO Masters TV series in your area? Well, let’s go!

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You can also share any questions you have about LEGO Masters below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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