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In Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Episode 3: Hell is Empty, there are ten graffiti spots to uncover, each with its own Trophy/Achievement. Certain collectibles may be overlooked; every episode can be replayed in “Collectible Mode” from the main menu to look for them without affecting prior player selections.

Before the Storm

Screengrab Courtesy of PS5Trophies via YouTube


How to Unlock

Rachel’s Bedroom
  • Go to the map posted to Rachel’s wall on the left-hand side of the bed before finding the perfect solution to allow Chloe to speak to Rachel.
  • To unlock the “American Graffiti” Trophy/Achievement, choose one of the graffiti options.
  • After studying the map, go to Rachel’s desk and select a graffiti option while checking her school calendar for the “Extra Credit” Trophy/Achievement.
Chloe’s Bedroom
  • Look at the photo on the shelf to the left of Chloe’s PC before you leave her room. She can now choose a graffiti option after inspecting it, and players will gain the “Peer Review” Trophy/Achievement.
  • Before leaving the chamber, fans can look around for some of the things from the first game, as well as some new ones.
Joyce’s Bedroom
  • Leave Chloe’s room and head to Joyce’s room after drawing the last optional graffiti. Look to the right, at the calendar perched atop some boxes.
  • To earn the “Monthly Masterpiece” Trophy/Achievement, interact with it.
  • Chloe will attempt to start her future car before encountering Frank at the junkyard. Take a look at the automobile on the far right.
  • Chloe will blast the muck out of the piece, which will then stick to the vehicle’s hood.
  • To earn the “Spit Take” Trophy/Achievement, interact with the gunk and choose which animal to sketch.
  • Although this is the seventh official graffiti spot, it must be completed in order to access the sixth graffiti. Walk along the corridor to the right of the nurse’s station after chatting with Steph.
  • To unlock the “Hello Nurse” Trophy/Achievement, look at the poster of two nurses on a board and choose between the graffiti alternatives.
  • This is the sixth optional graffiti location, as described in the previous graffiti description.
  • Draw on the nurse poster to obtain access to it, then hit the machine three times to get the candy bar.
  • Players will receive the “Venting Machine” Trophy/Achievement when Chloe has eaten the snack and drawn on the vending machine.
***If you eat the candy bar before painting on the nurse poster, the prompt to do this graffiti will not occur.
  • ***Drew or Mikey will be in the hospital bed, depending on whatever difficult decision players made during Episode 2.
    1. To sign Drew’s cast, speak with him twice, then examine his pudding before attempting to remove it. To consume the pudding, select the backtalk option and complete it successfully. Drew’s cast can now be signed by Chloe.
    2. If Mikey is in the hospital bed, simply listen to all of the dialogue options and then ask Chloe to sign Mikey’s cast before leaving. The Trophy/Achievement “A Penned Appendage” will be unlocked. Players can also speak with Steph, who will appear for the last time in the game. She reappears in Life is Strange: True Colors during Alex Chen’s tale.
James Amber’s Office
  • Look in the drawer to the left of the monitor in James Amber’s office for Sera’s phone number.
  • Chloe will come across a bottle of sherry, which she will interact with to earn the “Drunk Drawer” Trophy/Achievement.
Old Mill
  • Players must first make Chloe pick up the knife lodged in a wooden column in the old mill in order to get the tenth and final possible graffiti spot.
  • When you have her, walk to the wall at the entrance and pull the metal sheet away from the wall.
  • To unlock the “Messed Up” Trophy/Achievement, select the “Destroy” prompt.
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