Life Is Strange: Frank’s Keys, How to Get

Players must figure out how to steal Frank’s RV keys without enraging him during Episode 3 of Life is Strange. There are a few various bits of information that players can get from Nathan and the police officer to do this, but one option is faster than the others.

Frank’s Keys

In Life is Strange, Max must first speak with Frank at his booth to obtain Frank’s keys. Max will lose the battle, but she says she can “Groundhog Day” the scenario and go back in time after gathering crucial information from other characters. Frank would approach Max differently based on whether or not she attempted to shoot Frank in Life is Strange Episode 2.

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Go to Nathan’s booth on the opposite end of the diner after discussing with Frank about Rachel Amber and Frank’s relationship. Nathan will be antagonistic to Max in varying degrees depending on whether players reported Nathan or kept the truth hidden in Episode 1 of Life is Strange. Regardless of his mood, he provides crucial information about the couple.

Speak with the Police Officer

Then, at the bar, speak with the police officer. Ask about Rachel and Frank on the second page of dialogue possibilities. He’ll remark Frank’s fondness for animals, particularly dogs. Return to Frank and inquire about his love of dogs. If this prompt does not appear, players may need to replay.

Screengrab Courtesy of Cake Jostello via YouTube

Max will be unsuccessful in his attempt to obtain Frank’s keys, but he will place them on the table to tease her. All Max has to do now is pick up the keys and rewind far enough back in time for Frank to forget he took them out.

Return To Chloe

Screengrab Courtesy of Cake Jostello via YouTube

In Episode 3 of Life is Strange, players can return to Chloe with the key to the RV or explore the region for optional picture souvenirs. There are two in this area. Players can return to “Collectible Mode” at any time to hunt for the photographs without having their prior choices impacted.

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