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Humans are one of the possible creations in Little Alchemy 2, just like in the first game. Not only does the sequel have a new design, but there are also a lot more things to explore.

Alchemists can investigate roughly 500 things in the library in the first Little Alchemy. Meanwhile, the number of objects in Little Alchemy 2 has risen to over 700. This is a huge plus for individuals who appreciate learning new things while mixing old favorites.

How to Make a Human

In Little Alchemy 2, players must complete numerous procedures in order to create a Human. Through begin, follow the steps in Little Alchemy 2 from step one to step four to manufacture Clay. Then, till step 12, make Life as directed in step five. After that, mix the Clay with the Life to Make a Human.

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  1. Air + Air = Pressure
  2. Earth + Pressure = Stone
  3. Water + Earth = Mud
  4. Mud + Stone = Clay
  5. Water + Water = Puddle
  6. Puddle + Water = Pond
  7. Pond + Water = Lake
  8. Lake + Water = Sea
  9. Fire + Earth = Lava
  10. Lava + Sea = Primordial Soup
  11. Earth + Lava = Volcano
  12. Volcano + Primordial Soup = Life
  13. Life + Clay = Human

All Human Recipes

There are more ways to create a Human, although some of them necessitate the presence of Humans. Animal + Tool, for example, produces a Human, yet Tool requires Human. Alternatively, players can find 100 elements to gain access to Time, a one-of-a-kind artifact. Then, to make a Human, combine Animal and Time.

  1. Clay + Life = Human
  2. Animal + Time = Human
  3. Animal + Tool = Human
  4. Monkey + Time = Human
  5. Monkey + Tool = Human

If players are planning on creating a Human using Monkey, they should abandon their plans. Tree + Animal must be created before the tree animal may be formed. A Monkey must take approximately 30 steps to discover something. This takes a lot longer than creating a Human. Furthermore, producing a Monkey necessitates Alchemists having a Human on hand, thus doing this path is worthless.

All Possible Uses

Humans can be utilized to make a variety of items. The majority of them include work. Combining Human with Dough, for example, will result in a Baker. While the rest of the combinations should be left to Alchemists to discover, here are a few that they could overlook:

  1. Wolf + Human = Werewolf
  2. Blood + Human = Vampire
  3. Elixir of Life + Human = Deity
  4. Faerie + Human = Changeling
  5. Oxygen + Human = Carbon Dioxide

A Human will be involved in over 190 combinations in all. Of course, some of the results are duplicates, but there are still a lot of unique results.

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