Little Cup Teams Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Little Cup will run from November 9-16. For the cup, there are certain limits and you need to be very careful while assembling your team. Here are the best Little Cup Pokemon Go teams you can use during the event.

Little Cup Pokemon Go Teams List

You might notice how every team has Bronzor in it. That’s because statistically, Bronzor has been dominating Little Cup and is one of the trickiest Pokemon to beat in the event.

  1. Bronzor, Ducklett, Cottonee
  2. Deino, Bronzor, Venoant
  3. Vullaby, Bronzor, Alolan Sandshrew
  4. Shadow Carvanha, Bronzor, Cottonee
  5. Igglybuff, Bronzor, Skorupi
  6. Shadow Stunky, Bronzor, Cottonee
  7. Alolan Meowth, Bronzor, Cottonee
  8. Drifloon, Bronzor, Shelmet
  9. Lickitung, Bronzor, Shelmet
  10. Munchlax, Bronzor, Cottonee

Little Cup Pokemon Go Teams List – 2

These are teams made by Gampur, so shoutout to them.

Bronzor, Shelmet, and Azurill

  • Bronzor: Confusion (fast move), psyshock, and heavy slam
  • Shelmet: Infestation (fast move), bug buzz, and body slam
  • Azurill: Bubble (fast move), body slam, and ice beam

Deino, Bronzor, and Barboach

  • Bronzor: Confusion (fast move), psyshock, and heavy slam
  • Deino: Dragon breath (fast move), crunch, and body slam
  • Barboach: Mud shot (fast move), aqua tail, and mud bomb

If you’re facing a lot of Bornzor in the battles, and your opponents are spamming it, here’s how you can defeat Bronzor.

How To Counter Bronzor in Little Cup Pokemon Go

Bronzor is weak against these Pokemon-types –

  • Fire
  • Dark
  • Ground Ghost

So, your obvious counters for Bronzor would be –

  • Reshiram
  • Chandelure
  • Darmanitan
  • Gengar
  • Volcarona
  • Darkrai

Pokemon Go Little Cup Bronzor Guide: Weakness, Counters, How To Beat

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