Look for Bennett is a part of the Realm of Fog and Wind quest. Bennett must be found at a particular location on the map.  The hunt isn’t overly difficult because the game gives you a relatively small search circle. To help you out, we’ve put together a “Look for Bennett” guide!

How to begin quest

  • Go to the alchemy station in Mondstadt’s central district.
  • Following a quick cutscene, make the journey to the small camp at the base of Dragonspine Mountain to seek advice from Albedo.
  • Albedo will request you to obtain 3x Starsilver Ore after he has seen the recipe.
    • If you don’t have any ore, you can find it all over Dragonspine Mountain’s base.
  • Come back to Albedo once the 3x Starsilver ore is obtained before returning to the Mondstadt alchemy station.

  • Interact with Timaeus the alchemist.
  • Aid Venti in collecting his student’s poetry homework assignments.

Bennett is missing!

  • Bennett, predictably, appears to be the only student whose assignment is missing.
  • To locate Bennett, first, visit the Mondstadt chapel and speak with Barbara.
    • She will inform them that Bennett is located near the Thousand Winds Temple.
  • You will have to deal with a Ruin Guard once they arrive at the Thousand Winds Temple before tracking down Bennett’s exact position.
    • Target the glowing circular weak points on the front and back of the Ruin Guard if you’re having trouble defeating it.

  • After defeating the Ruin Hunter, players must scour the grounds of the Thousand Winds Temple for any signs of Bennett’s whereabouts.

Thousand Winds Temple

  • You will notice 3 gates at the Thousand Winds Temple that serve as entryways to the main area.
    • Bennett and Razor are locked behind the gate to the northeast, which is the farthest right.
  • Bennett will notify you that he and Razor have been imprisoned by an ancient mechanism with no apparent way out.
  • Interact with the switch to the left of the captives’ location to free Bennett and Razor.
  • Return to Mondstadt to Angel’s Share tavern to celebrate Bennett and Razer’s release.

Quest Reward

  • 60x Primogems
  • 3x Hero’s Wit

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