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Like any MMORPG, Lost Ark has several currencies you need to learn to maximize your gaming experience. Each unique currency has specific use (or uses) that can accelerate your progress or make your characters stronger. Here’s what you need to know about each of them in alphabetical order:

Blue Crystals

You can get blue crystals by purchasing them using real currency or in-game rewards. They are the main currency for purchasing cosmetics and other in-game items. Obtaining them for free is a rare occurrence, and you can trade them for gold in the auction house.


You obtain Carnelians by completing daily quests and killing specific monsters. They can buy boxes that improve your relationships with NPCs, while others provide cosmetics for you to wear.

Courage Tokens

You earn courage tokens by participating in Lost Ark’s PVP. Content like Arenas will provide you with a steady source of these. You can spend these tokens at the PVP exchange vendor, where you can buy titles, mounts, and more.

Estate Orders

You acquire estate orders through completing missions with your estate team. Organize a squad and send them out to locations to trade with traveling merchants to earn Estate Orders. You can use this currency to buy crafting materials and other resources.


You can get gold through dungeons, raids, and special events. You can also purchase it by using real-life currency. Gold’s use is for purchasing items in the Auction House.

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Aside from gold, you’ll need peons to complete auction house transactions and trades. You can only buy peons using blue crystals or cash.

Image Courtesy of Smilegate RPG

Pirate and Voyage Coins

Gain pirate and voyage coins as you complete events in or near water areas. You can then go to pirate ships in harbors and use them for trading. You can exchange them for consumables and resources. There are also places where you can exchange them for collectibles, emotes, and more.

Rift Shards

You get rift shards by participating in Chaos Gates or rift encounters. These are random in-game events. You use them to purchase random map boxes, which opens the door for specific dungeons depending on what you pull.

Royal Crystals

Royal crystals are only accessible to those who can pay real money for them. You use them to buy most of the cosmetics in the shop. These include character skins, exclusive weapons, and pets.


Shards are character-bound currencies that you use to upgrade items. Different shards represent gear tiers. You give them experience and level them as you play to use them.

Silmael Crystals

Also known as guild crystals, you gain these by participating in different guild-related quests and events. You can use them in a guild-exclusive shop.


Silver is the common in-game currency. You pick them up from monsters and get them as rewards for quests. It also has the most uses, from upgrades to fast travel and crafting.

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