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One of the skills accessible is fishing. Lost Ark’s Fishing, like all of the other Trade Skills, requires unlocking before it can be used. Players in Lost Ark can harvest materials ad fishing is one of these Trade Skills. By fishing in local lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water, players can acquire delights such as fish and their rarity, pearls, and other aquatic stuff.

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When the character arrives in Lakebar Village, he or she will be told to speak with Artisan Urr. He’ll teach you the fundamentals of mining, which unlocks all of the other trade skills.

Celine, who has a purple symbol above her head, is fishing just northeast of Urr. Feel free to collect Mokobo seeds while this is going on in Lakebar. Players will receive a quest from here that will lead them down the trail. If Celine is not yet available, make sure to finish Urr’s work and return it to him.

Novice Fishing Pole

To finish this mission, you’ll need to buy another one from Nickel. Those who pre-ordered the game will already have a pole. Unfortunately, even these players will have to purchase the pole; it is not an optional step.

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Nickel is located in the village’s southwest section, on the opposite side of Urr from Celine. After you’ve equipped the pole, the next step will appear on the map.

Some docks may be seen on the west side of the village. A hook icon appears on the map to show that the location is suitable for fishing. To access the trade skills, press the “B” key. The ‘E’ key means, float fishing by default. When you click that, the character will cast the line for you.

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When the bobber is fully down, press the ‘E’ key to reel in a fish. Don’t be deceived by a light bob on the line when a fish approaches; the bobber must be completely submerged. Once you’ve caught three fish, click the right-hand objective to finish it.

Screengrab Courtesy of CasaBlack via YouTube

Fishing Skills

Your fishing level will increase as you fish more. By progressing through the Skill Tree, you’ll eventually acquire the Fishing Skills. Here is a list of the Skills you can unlock, along with their levels.

First Level Pole Fishing
Tenth Level Throw Bait
Twentieth Level Catch Fishing
Thirtieth Level Net Fishing
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