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In Lost Ark, the Berserker is one of the easiest classes to use. It’s enticing to have a damage dealer who can survive on the front lines without having to retreat.

Skill Rotation + Basic Attack + Spin to Win 🙂

There are numerous reasons to be on the offensive all of the time. It increases the wrath meter, which will come in helpful during boss fights. It will also halt mobs in their tracks, preventing them from attacking the Berserker. It’s a hybrid of offensive and defense.

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Examine the abilities and alternate frontal and back assaults. With a frontal strike, swing, and advance ahead, then slash back in the opposite direction with a rear attack. Rotating this will keep basic troops spinning indefinitely, preventing them from stopping and attacking. It allows for a quick leveling experience that is also painless.

Screengrab Courtesy of Greedie via YouTube

Learn to Dodge Effectively

Because he’ll be fighting on the front lines, he’ll need to be able to avoid boss strikes. Only one “dodge” move with a ten-second cooldown is available, and it’s insufficient.

Other damage-dealing attacks and moves that move like dodge are available. Shoulder Charge, Diving Slash, Tempest Slash, and, of course, the legendary Whirlwind are all good options. It’s something that all warrior units should be aware of.


After dealing enough damage to enough enemies, the Berserker’s metered ability, “Burst Status,” becomes available. The talent has received a lot of praise because it delivers two passive bonuses that help with damage and critical strikes. When activated, it also has a burst damage ability of its own.

Newbies may want to use this frequently, but the biggest trouble is that it takes a long time to fill, and it is not accessible for charging until after a significant cooldown.

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