Lost Ark: Fast Leveling Tips

Level 10 is the starting point for characters in Lost Ark. Level 50 is the current soft cap, with 60 being the ceiling. Players should focus on attaining the level max as soon as possible because the major content doesn’t start until the end game, and because rewards will be cycled out regularly until then.


In Lost Ark, leveling is the first of several challenges that players must overcome before reaching the endgame. Fortunately, leveling in LA is also a breeze.

Solo content is simple to complete, and the Main Story Quest is generous with experience, allowing players to quickly advance through the stages.

Main Story Quests

Players will gain the most experience by completing the Main Story Quest. As a result, if the player’s goal is to level up, this should be prioritized. Players should be able to obtain level 40 just by finishing Main Story Quests.

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Side Quests

Side quests provide nearly as much experience as the Main Story Quests and are reasonably easy to complete alongside the Main Story Quests.


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Players should grab these whenever they come across them and take them out for a substantial experience bonus.

Event Quests

Several Sudden Quests will appear throughout the course of Lost Ark. Despite the time constraint and restricted zones in which they must be performed, they are usually simple to complete. They provide more experience than sides, so they should always be completed when they occur.


Clearing dungeons will definitely give ‘Diablo’ fans the ‘feels’ of somewhat familiar mechanics. Doing so, will not only satisfy diablo fans of the old ‘skool’ vibes but also reward players with a fair amount of expi.

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  • When playing Lost Ark, the main goal should be to unlock the endgame. Many individuals will be farming Chaos Dungeons, Voyages, and Guardian Raids. However, once the prologue is over, multiplayer is useful, but it isn’t really useful until the conclusion.
  • To get the most playtime and awards, solo everything until you reach the level 50 soft cap. Bring some friends in at that moment, and rip the ending apart.
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