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There are several goodies to be found in each of the game’s various locations. On the other hand, Mokoko Seeds are plentiful. These little seeds have a green glow about them and appear to be fruit.

Screengrab Courtesy of Game Guides Channel via YouTube
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Finding Mokoko Seeds dispersed throughout the game world is one of the various methods to obtain new stuff to customize players in Lost Ark. Mokoko Seeds are a collecting currency that may be exchanged for potions, cards, and crew application papers at Mokoko Village on Tortoyk Island.


Screengrab Courtesy of Game Guides Channel via YouTube
Seed 1
  • The first seed is towards Loghill’s southern edge. Next to a stone pillar and a red flower bush, the seed will be buried in some shrubs.
  • When the loot symbol displays with the prompt “It gives off a gentle and pleasing aroma,” gamers will know they’ve located the right item. 
Seed 2
  • Near the Archbishop Statue Ruins, the second seed can be found. To the right of the stone pillar archway with the ox skull on the red flag, search the bushes. 
Seed 3
  • The third and fourth seeds can also be discovered at Archbishop Statue Ruins, which is further north. After defeating the Stone Construct foes, a “jump” prompt will appear, allowing you to enter the secret region.
  • A large tree will hide the view so players should see two cues to gather seeds if they move nearby.
Seed 4
Seed 5
  • Near the East Oratory, the fifth Mokoko seed can be found. It will be located just across from the sunflowers, adjacent to a large rock.
Seed 6
  • On the bridge rising up to the left of Traveler’s Nook, you’ll find the sixth seed. At the end of the bridge, it will be on the character’s right side.
Seed 7
  • Kolsh Ruins is in the upper right part of the map, where the seventh Mokoko is. Go straight into the trees after crossing the spiky wooden fence line, and the prompt will soon appear.
Seed 8
  • After obtaining Forest’s Minuet Song, the eighth and ninth seeds will be in Fogwoods Crypt. After receiving a boat, players can obtain Forest Minuet Song on Lullaby Island.
  • Some vines should be obstructing your way. Remove the vines with the song, and the final two seeds will be there.
Seed 9
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