Lost Ark: Silver Farming, How to Get Rich Guide

Lost Ark is no different from other games. Here, you have to have a lot of resources to be able to upgrade, enhance, and buy new gear. If you need a guide on how to get rich by just farming silver in Lost Ark, we got you covered! Scroll down below and read more on how you can build your wealth in Los Ark by just farming for Silvers.

Getting rich in games is probably the best way to get ahead of other players in the game. Aside from being a skilled player, a boatload of in-game currencies will definitely help you in achieving your goal – to become the best player.



Una’s Task: A daily and weekly quest system that will be unlocked once your character reaches the 50th level. Complete these tasks and be rewarded with some silver coins

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  • Chaos Dungeons

Earn some silver coins every time you course through chaos dungeons. The higher the dungeon difficulty, the higher the reward. Also, to gain more silver, target the mini-bosses that spawn together with the hordes.

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  • Cube Dungeons

Aside from entering Chaos Dungeons, Cube Dungeons are also a nice way to grind for some silver. But, you have to pay a Cube Ticket before you or your party can enter this dungeon

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Each time you make a donation or contribution to your guild, you will be rewarded with some Bloodstones. This item can be exchanged for boxes of silver in the Silmael Bloodstone Exchange. Just think of your donations as an investment!


Everybody knows that Gold has a higher value than Silver. However, if you ever find the need for a huge amount of silver, you can always trade your current gold savings for its silver equivalent. You can buy silver for gold in any city by speaking with NPCs Belmond or Halmond at the Gold Shop, the exchange rate is 1 gold for 100 silver.

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