One of the main story locations players will visit in Lost Ark is the Brilliant Ridge. It’s also a place to visit to collect 7 Mokoko seeds after you’ve completed the story quest. You cannot get any seeds until you revisit the area after completing the story there. Because of how Mokoko seeds appear on the map, you may find it a little difficult to get everything.

As you go through the map, you’ll notice how the seed will highlight once you hover over it. An icon will also appear, making them a little easier to spot. To get through the collection as fast as possible here is a guide for you to follow.

Mokoko Seed 1

Located on the ground by a burning torch

Screenshot from Video Courtesy of WoWQuests

Mokoko Seed 2

At the middle of the map, is an area to the left where you’ll see a patch of grass by the rocks. Hidden at its edge is the seed.

Screenshot from Video Courtesy of WoWQuests

Mokoko Seed 3

At the left side of the path, you’ll see another bundle of rocks. The seed is hidden beside them.

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Screenshot from Video Courtesy of WoWQuests

Mokoko Seed 4, 5, and 6

  • These three seeds are all located in a hidden room on the map. To get to it, you first need to defeat the carb boss in the area. Then, you’ll backtrack and stay by the left edge of the map until you see a torch.
  • Pass through the small alcove there and you’ll find the three seeds. Two are above rocks, while one is hidden by the tree on the far-left side.

Screenshot from Video Courtesy of WoWQuests

Mokoko Seed 7

  • On the right side of the map has a cluster of rocks where you’ll find the seed beside them.
  • If you’re having trouble getting to these spots, walk around until you notice the icon appear. You’ll know that the seed is near for you to pick up.
Screenshot from Video Courtesy of WoWQuests
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