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You’ll have to build and personalize three robots before deploying them in battle in this series of minigames. You might easily be overwhelmed if you don’t have the appropriate information. At first, winning appears unachievable. This game becomes substantially simpler if you know where to obtain the rare resources you require and what the ideal loadout is. Here are all the strategies you’ll need to defeat arguably Lost Judgement’s most difficult challenge.

Recommended Loadout

MACHINE Assault Type MG or Sniper
with Enhance Range Attack
DEUS Speed Type Stealth Chip and Move Speed
with Gorilla Weapon
EX Assault Type MG or Sniper
with Enhance Range Attack

Pre-Battle Tips

  • DIFFICULTY: First and foremost, you should adjust the difficulty level. Reduce the Difficulty from Normal to Simple. You will not gain any additional incentives if you start on Normal, and you can simply switch the mode back to Normal after completing this string of challenges.
  • UPGRADES: The battery is by far a vital element for your robots. You’ll require Gleaming Aluminum to make stronger batteries, which you can buy from the General Goods Cart in Ijincho’s northeast section. You may also purchase other upgrade materials from this store.
Screengrab Courtesy of BloodyTheSky via YouTube

Let the battle begin!

  • Prioritize grabbing pieces. When taking the pieces, spare three and get them before the enemy, then put them to obstruct about half of the arena. If your teammate is capturing, simply arrange the pieces as they fall into place and concentrate on attacking opponents.
  • Arrange the pieces along a route that leads straight to the opponent base. Conserve enough pieces to end the game by putting a piece on the opponent base when you’re near it.
  • You’ll experience a lot more success if you only concentrate on conquering the opponent base. Make no attempt to add additional blocks. Rather, head directly for the opposing base and hold it until you can take it.
Screengrab Courtesy of BloodyTheSky via YouTube

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