In this simple guide, you’ll learn how lucky Pokemon in Pokemon Go work and how to make lucky friends!

Lucky Pokemon have been around for a while in Pokemon Go, but they’re a little-known feature. Even if you make lucky friends with somebody in Pokemon Go by accident, you’re unlikely to learn about lucky Pokemon. Moreover, it’s quite difficult to comprehend.

How To Be Lucky Friends

  • This is a randomly generated situation. Once you’ve gotten to the point of best friends by exchanging gifts, there’s a slight possibility (around 5% ) that you will be lucky friends each moment you open a gift from a best friend.

  • Once you’re lucky friends with somebody, it simply implies that your upcoming trade will become a lucky trade, with 2 lucky Pokemon. Your lucky friend recognition will vanish once you’ve concluded the lucky trade, but it can be reclaimed by exchanging gifts.

How To Get Lucky Pokemon

In a Trade, if 1 of the 2 Pokemon / Trainers meets the preceding requirements, a secured lucky Pokemon can be obtained:

  • The pokemon was captured between July-August of 2016.
  • The trainer got 9 or fewer lucky Pokemon from Trades.

Lucky Pokemon Benefits

  • So, which Pokemon are considered lucky? Lucky Pokemon have gold spots around them on the list page, which distinguishes them from shiny Pokemon. If you tap on them, rather than the standard image, the background is gold and glittery.

  • There are a few advantages to having a lucky Pokemon. The primary is that the expense of powering it up with stardust is cut in half, so whenever you have a powerful PvP Pokemon that gets lucky, you’re in luck! The play on words was intentional.
  • Another advantage is that the IV of a lucky Pokemon will stay at a baseline of 12/12/12. This ensures you may exchange a 0 IV Pokemon for a 100 IV Pokemon. When you exchange a 98 IV Pokemon, on the other hand, you’re taking a huge gamble since there’s a good possibility it’ll come out with poor stats than when it went in.

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