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Bangalore in Apex Legends Season 16 is the meta; professional players play her without hesitation. Since she has undergone only minor changes, many people are puzzled about why she has suddenly become so popular.

The reason for her recent surge in usage can be attributed to the controversy surrounding aim assist in the game and the rise of the Seer meta. She was still effective in ranked and competitive Apex, but a recent update cemented it.

What does aim assist have to do with anything?

The Apex community has been discussing aim assist since TSM’s victory in the ALGS tournament last season. Many players think that aim assist is overpowered and was made to make it simple for controller players to win battles.

By correcting their aim and keeping them locked onto their target as they move around with the controller’s stick, the aim assist feature helps the players. ImperialHal, who switched from a mouse and keyboard to a controller in the previous season, has displayed excellent gameplay using both inputs.

Bangalore’s popularity skyrocketed after the Apex Legends community learned how to use her smoke to disable aim assist the previous season. Players using a mouse or keyboard were now able to compete against those using a controller.

  • In addition, Seer was particularly powerful during that season’s scan meta, which predominated. Bangalore was used in addition to Seer’s abilities and became a part of the scan meta.
  • However, it turned out that fighting Seer was a bigger problem than using Bangalore’s smoke. Despite her usefulness, other legends in the game were more dominant, and her kit was still undervalued.

Bangalore Buff and how to play effectively

Bangalore now has the ability to carry more ammunition than other Apex Legends characters, thanks to a buff from this season’s update. She is now part of the new assault class. Her distinctive quality has made her a preferred option for players.

Players must understand Bangalore’s skills well in order to play as her, as well as when to use them. Although using her skills might seem simple, mastering her arsenal requires effort and expertise. As a result, you must master playing as Bangalore if you want to benefit from her abilities.

When you use her abilities, you have two options in terms of game strategy: you can deny knowledge or third parties. There is the potential for more, the extent of which is entirely dependent on your imagination.

Deny Knowledge

The tactic of preventing enemies from acquiring specific information, such as access to a particular area, is called “denying knowledge” in the game.

  • For example, Bangalore’s smoke ability can be used to obscure an enemy’s vision and make it more difficult for them to track your movements, making it more difficult for them to anticipate your next move.
  • Players can also use this method to create visual distractions, allowing you to move around open areas without getting shot.

Deny Third Parties

Bangalore’s ultimate ability in the game is a game-changer because it can offer a variety of situational advantages. In addition to harming enemies, it also has the advantage of keeping them from joining your fight as third parties.

Apex Legends Bangalore ult

You can use your ultimate ability after a battle to strategically create a safe zone for your team to heal before engaging in another battle by being aware of your surroundings and timing it.

Bangalore is the meta in Season 16 of Apex Legends. Abuse her abilities as long as she’s the meta. As an MNK player, I’ll keep abusing her smoke to get the best out of this season. Pro tip: pair her with legends like Seer, Bloodhound, Wraith, Caustic, or Valkyrie.

Which legend do you think is the meta of Season 16 of Apex Legends? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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