The most recent release for Marvel Snap is the series 5 card Shanna, coinciding with the Savage Land season. While it can be understandably frustrating to get the new cards, those who can land it might want to take advantage of the field’s unfamiliarity. For a cost of 4 and 2 power, you get random 1-cost cards added to each location. While it may not seem much, two 1-cost bodies and power increases for all 3 locations fare well for many decks.


The most noticeable synergy for Shanna is Ka-Zar. The game plan of all Kazoo decks is to pump out many 1-costs, then power them up through Ka-Zar and other cards. Shanna can add more 1-drops to the board while also playing them in restricted areas like Death’s Domain. It seems likely to find its way into a more advanced collection-level version of the deck. However, since there are 30 1-drop cards in the game, there is a lot of RNG to factor in.

For Kazoo, adding things like Blue Marvel and Captain America are options to add more power to the field.

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Interestingly, Shanna is a 4-drop, making it a good fit for the current star of the season, Zabu. You can fit her in a Zabu Zerocula Kazoo shell. Have lots of 1 drop, Ka-Zar, Zabu, and a Dracula package which can discard Red Skull and Infinaut. Zero is also here, so you can play Red Skull manually when you don’t draw into Dracula.

Lock Decks

Lock decks are about limiting play in locations yet finding ways to sneak in more bodies than necessary. Locked out of a Flood? Let Shanna add the extra body you need. She can also fill in for places bound by Ebony Maw and works well with Electro Ramp or Sandman Control. Adding lock cards allows you to take advantage of her ability to play in locked-out areas.


Shanna averages a 9-power each play based on the one drops available. However, in the games where the 1-drops are disappointing, you may want to dispose of them. The best way to do that is to use them as fuel for your destroy cards like Venom and Carnage. A Killmonger also wipes all 1-costs from the board, helping you set up a turn 6 Death.

The Season Goes On

Aside from dominance from Sera Surfer decks, some of the strongest decks now feature Series 4 and 5 all-stars. Darkhawk and Shuri combos are present in the higher ranks of the game. There’s also the limited location Rickety Bridge where you can use shenanigans like Doctor Octopus to try and destroy as many cards in one turn.

Second Dinner is examining the game a bit further to see an possible changes at the January 31 patch. We know the Battle Mode and the first Series drop will happen by January 31.

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