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I’ve been playing Marvel’s Avengers Beta for a while now and it’s fun. But getting to the point where you can team up with your friends and start playing co-op is tricky. At first, I spent around an hour figuring out how to do it. So, once I figured it out, I wanted you to save your time and quickly know Marvel’s Avengers Beta How To Play Multiplayer Co-Op.

How To Play Co-Op in Marvel’s Avengers Beta

Finish A-Day, The Prologue

  • Finish the first mission
  • Skip cinematics
  • Defeat Taskmaster

First off, you need to finish the prologue called A-Day. You must have seen the gameplay video on YouTube as it was released a long ago. The prologue is the part where you play as all the available avengers, first as Thor, then Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and finally Black Widow. Once you beat the boss Taskmaster, something tragic happens. A natural mutagen called Terrigen Mist transforms many ordinary citizens into mutants and gives them superpowers. Our protagonist Kamala Khan gets her powers the same way. During the tragedy, Captain America is said to be dead. Since Avengers were accused of the tragedy, the superheroes disband. The story now starts five years later.

Finish Hulk & Kamala Khan’s Mission, Finding Jarvis

  • As Hulk, check for stair signs and quickly climb the stairs
  • Rush the gameplay, don’t kill all the enemies. This way, you’ll save time
  • As Kamala Khan, search for Jarvis (Hint: Search for a huge cardboard package written “Stark Industries”)
  • Defeat Abomination

To replace and take advantage of the departure of Avengers, a new company called AIM, or Advanced Idea Mechanics wants to take their place. Kamala Khan along with Dr. Bruce Banner (Hulk) goes on a search for Jarvis. Enemies will appear, you as Hulk will have to clear those enemies. Once done, you’ll have to reach the top floor of the building. If you want to quickly play multiplayer co-op, don’t kill all the enemies on your way. Just check for arrows that point towards the stairs to the top floor, and rush through your way. Then, you’ll play as Kamala Khan again. Now, you’ll need to find a huge cardboard package with “Stark Industries on it”. You’ll play as Hulk once again and you’ll have to fight and defeat Abomination.

Access The War Table

  • You’ll get your own room
  • Rush towards the War Table
  • Use the computer terminal in the science lab
  • Find another computer with a red “System Lockdown” flashing on it in the other room
  • Shoot all the cameras
  • Go back to the War Table
  • Start the Mission “Missing Links”
  • Don’t invite any friends or wait for any online members to join during this mission
  • Quickly “Launch Mission”
  • Rush your way to the checkpoints and finish the mission quickly
  • After finishing, hit “Continue Campaign”

Kamala will now have her own room in the Chimera. Here you can dance to “Cheap Thrills”, but don’t do that. Quickly go to the War Table and interact with Dr. Banner. Next, find for a computer terminal in the science lab. Use it, and then rush to another room nearby where you’ll see a computer with a red screen that says “System Lockdown”. Use it as well. Now shoot the security cameras, and go back to the War Table. Start the mission “Missing Links”. Remember, although you’ll have the option to invite friends while starting this mission, don’t do it. It’s a bug and this mission doesn’t support multiplayer. So, once you start the mission, quickly press on “Launch Campaign”. Don’t wait for other players to join the party or invite your friends. This will log you out and send you back to the game’s main menu. Now finish the mission, and once finished, hit the “Continue Campaign” button.

Unlock HARM Room

  • Go downstairs and find the Quinjet and interact with it
  • Go further downstairs and find the van and interact with it
  • Go further downstairs and use the console to activate the HARM room
  • You’ll play a HARM tutorial as Iron-Man
  • Complete it quickly
  • Now, 10 missions and all other avengers will be unlocked
  • Go back to the War Table
  • Open your Objectives Menu and from the “Social” tab, invite your friends
  • Form a squad and enjoy co-op

This is the final step. After you’ve finished the Missing Links mission, quickly go downstairs to find the Quinjet. At first, you’ll have some difficulty finding the right door since there are too many doors. Just keep finding anything that goes downward and not upward. You’ll find vault-like doors. Once you see the jet, interact with it. Then further go down and you’ll see a van. Interact with it as well. Then keep going down and you’ll find another vault-like door. Go inside it and use the console to activate the HARM room. This will activate a HARM tutorial with you playing as Iron-Man. Finish the tutorial and go back to the War Table. 10 new missions will be unlocked and finally, you can invite your friends and play co-op. Before selecting a mission, go to the Objectives Menue and from the “Social” tab, invite your friends to your squad. Now, you can easily play co-op with your friends.

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