Meet HORI7ON: What Could be the Perfect Role for Each Member

K-pop fans, are you ready to see a new horizon? If you are, then HORI7ON is coming your way. The up-and-becoming boy group will try and conquer South Korea as they train and debut to be the next boy group stars. Off from Dream Maker, a survival show with a touch of K-pop style in the Philippines, the seven contestants who garnered most of the fan votes gear themselves to a new start in the land of K-pop idols. Get to know the seven members and possible roles of the upcoming and debuting K-pop boy group HORI7ON.

Off to make history, HORI7ON steps closer to their K-pop dreams. The seven-member Filipino boy group includes Kim, Kyler, Jeromy, Marcus, Reyster, Vinci, and Winston. While we wait for their upcoming debut in South Korea, let’s get to know all the HORI7ON members (and roles!)

Get to know the HORI7ON members

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Image Courtesy of HORI7ON via Instagram (@hori7onofficial)

Have you watched MNet’s “Produce” survival show? If so, you’ll love Dream Maker – a similar competition that pitted 62 talented contestants against each other to form a brand new K-pop group. After a grueling journey, only seven standing boys made the cut and are ready to take the world by storm!

  • Brace yourself for a new K-pop addiction — HORI7ON! This all-Filipino K-pop group was created after an intense survival show that featured 62 contestants battling it out for a coveted spot in the Dream 7. With their irresistible grooves and catchy tunes, HORI7ON is poised to be the next big thing in the K-pop music industry. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below on which roles would fit each HORI7ON member!

  • As of now, the Dream 7 stays in the Philippines, until the end of March 2023. They take this time to complete their promotions in the country, just before they fly to South Korea. The group travels around cities and provinces in the country to meet their fans, which you can see on their official social media accounts.

1) Jeromy Batac (제로미)

Meet Jeromy, the Quezon City idol who stole the hearts of fans with his incredible talent and stunning visuals. Just take a look at his first concept photo below, overflowing visuals!

  • At just five years old, Jeromy started modeling and performing, quickly becoming a standout in the entertainment industry.
  • With an impressive 3,188,238 votes, Jeromy earned the highest marks in the survival show. He may be recognized as the center of the group HORI7ON.
  • But that’s not all – Jeromy has the potential to become the Face of the Group and even the lead dancer. Many thanks to his extensive performance experience!

2) Marcus Cabais (마커스)

From Bataan to South Korea, say hello to Marcus, the adorable rising star from Bataan who caught the attention of viewers with his charm and aegyo.

  • At just three years old, Marcus began his journey in the entertainment industry, appearing on the YeY Channel in the Philippines.
  • With his impressive talent for rapping, singing, dancing, and playing multiple musical instruments. It’s no surprise that Marcus earned the second-highest number of votes in the survival show, with 2,824,716.
  • As the youngest member of the group, Marcus takes on the important role of Maknae. But he’s more than just a cute face – Marcus has the potential to become the Face of the Group along with Jeromy. He can also deliver as the group’s lead vocalist.

3) Kyler Chua (카일러)

  • Kyler Chua is a multi-talented performer who wowed audiences with his goat imitation and guitar-playing skills. He honed his talents as a trainee at Celebrity Studio PH and earned an impressive 2,697,520 votes in the final public voting of Dream Maker.
  • Despite his success as a performer, Kyler also pursued higher education and studied Hotel and Restaurant Management in college. It remains to be a wonder what position he will take in the group, but with his impressive range of skills, the possibilities are endless.
  • Based on his standout performances in Dream Maker, Kyler may be poised to become a Visual and a lead rapper for HORI7ON. His deep voice needs more training, and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the stage with his unique blend of talents.

4) Vinci Malizon (빈치)

  • Despite not having any formal training, Vinci is a talented singer and dancer who taught himself how to perform. He impressed audiences with his skills on the survival show, earning an impressive 2,447,877 votes in the final voting.
  • Vinci is currently studying Multimedia Arts at an arts and business college in the Philippines. His creativity and passion for the arts shine through in his performances. He quickly became a fan favorite among HORI7ON’s supporters.
  • As the oldest member of the group, Vinci is a natural leader and takes charge when introducing HORI7ON to new audiences. He has the potential to become the group’s official Leader, bringing his charisma and talent to the forefront.
  • With his impressive vocal range and ability to connect with audiences through his performances, Vinci could also take on the role of main vocalist for HORI7ON.

5) Reyster Yton (레이스터)

  • Reyster left his hometown in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija to pursue his dream of becoming a Kpop idol. He’s a fan of numerous K-pop groups like NFT, BTS, BLACKPINK, and TWICE among others.
  • After receiving an impressive 2,285,407 public votes, Reyster secured the fifth spot in Dream Maker, bringing him one step closer to his dream.
  • Reyster is a talented TikTok dancer and loves cats, arts, instruments, and photography. He even won first runner-up in a singing competition at his school in 2019!
  • With his training and performances in Dream Maker, Reyster has the potential to become a main dancer. He got this stage presence that you’d land your eyes on him when he dances!

6) Kim Ng ()

  • Kim hails from the City of Smiles, Bacolod City. He sets to bring his infectious smile to South Korea as the sixth member of HORI7ON.
  • Just like many Kpop idols, Kim is a cat lover and an achiever of his dreams. He may have fallen short in the Top Class survival show, but he gained an impressive 2,240,510 public votes to rank sixth in Dream Maker.
  • Before Dream Maker, Kim was already making waves on Tiktok. He regularly updated his account with dances to the latest trends, challenges, and K-pop choreographies.
  • Fans of the survival competition saw Kim’s potential and striking visuals, leading them to speculate on his position in the group. We believe that Kim would fit well in the dance line and could also serve as a rapper. His swift moves? Once trained well, Kim would certainly deliver.

7) Winston Pineda (윈스턴)

  • Winston is a Senior High School student under the General Academic Strand, but don’t let his age fool you – he’s got major star power!
  • With his cute eye smile, Winston already has a legion of fans. In fact, he came in seventh place with a whopping 2,049,832 votes in the final round of Dream Maker.
  • Winston’s language skills are also impressive – he’s capable of reading and writing Korean, which will definitely come in handy when the team arrives there.
  • We’re predicting that Winston will take on the role of the lead rapper for the group. With his coolness and toughness on stage, he’s sure to get the crowd hyped up and ready to party!

The upcoming all-Filipino K-pop group HORI7ON sets to release a track soon entitled DASH. Let’s know more about the HORI7ON members’ role once their new single is out. We hope for your huge success in the industry!

If you have any questions about Dream Maker’s HORI7ON, its members’ roles, or even K-pop, you can share them below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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