Genshin Impact has inserted another portal in the new Golden Apple Archipelago region that can be unlocked by solving a puzzle. You must pursue a Seelie and light elemental pillars in a specific sequence to accomplish this! So let’s go over the puzzle.

Unlocking the secret portal

  • A blue Seelie will be hovering around in the air at the opposite end of the Teleport Waypoint on Minacious Island. You must take it to its totem.
  • Keep following it until it reaches a pillar with symbols on them. Your quest will then start!
  • Keep an eye on the pillars, you must light them up in the same order to complete the quest.
  • HINT: Cryo – Anemo – Pyro – Hydro

Pillars Location + How To Activate

  • The elemental pillars are conveniently close and can be discovered by simply looking around. The Cryo and Anemo pillars are on the surface level.
  • Pyro and Hydro pillars will be up the structures. Start climbing or use a character that wields a bow with the appropriate element.
  • You can activate these pillars by using your elemental skills.

Alternate Method

  • 3 rings can be noticed just beside the Anemo pillar, with adjustable angles. To reach the elemental pillar, players must toss a “Harpastum” through the rings.
  • Go to your gadget tab and activate “Wind-Blessed Harpastum.”
  • You must tweak the angle of the last ring through which the harpastum will pass in order to allow the harpastum access to the elemental pillar.

  • The ring must be pointed in the direction of the pillar with the respective element to accomplish this.
  • After accomplishing the pillar puzzle, a portal will then appear. This will take you to Falcon Coast.
  • Destroy the stone wall and you will discover a luxurious chest, including Primogems!

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